Chocolate Tour of San Francisco

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  • Duration

    - Approx 2.5 hours
  • Market Street

  • Capacity

    - 20 persons per guide
  • Food is included. 7 tastings on the go (sidewalk tastings, or done inside the establishments)
  • Dress

    - It's a walking tour, so dress comfortably!
  • Departs

    Saturday @ 12pm & 4pm, Sunday @ 12pm
  • Meeting Location

    455 Market St.
  • Final Destination

    Cocoabella, 845 Market St.


Chocolate Tour of San Francisco

The good life abounds in the Bay area, San Francisco is a heavenly haven of culinary quality, and the dazzling variety of chocolatiers downtown is no exception. Come with us then, on the Chocolate Tour of San Francisco, and experience the wonders of the dark stuff, from abstract artisanal chocolate bars to dairy & gluten free superfood truffles, from Japanese ganache delicacies to Swiss Fleur de Sel caramels - we're taking chocolate to a whole new level, and simply insist you join us on this irresistibly delightful journey into everyone's favorite treat, Chocolate. Chocoholics everywhere will love the Chocolate Tour of San Francisco! Prepare to Yum!!

Chocolate Tour of San Francisco Itinerary

  • Spicely Organic Spices John & Clara search this beautiful world's pristine and exotic locations to bring home the widest range of flavors for lovers of gourmet food, and their tea infused chocolates are a craze in the making
  • Ghirardelli's Incorporated in 1852, and the second oldest chocolate company in the United States, we couldn't skip this San Francisco institution
  • Minamoto Kitchoan Japanese-style sweets for tea ceremonies, or “Wagashi”, brought to you from the rich traditions and beauty of Japanese culture
  • NewTreeThe name says it all at this innovative boutique, which serves up dozens of all natural culinary confections
  • Chocolatier BlueMaster chocolatier Chris Blue brings his childhood experience of organic agriculture to the art of French chocolate making. The results speak for themselves.
  • CocoaBella Featuring the highest quality, best tasting chocolates from makers in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and the United States - this place is the chocolate bomb

San Francisco landmarks and attractions

  • Market Street
  • Chocolatiers
  • Downtown San Francsico
  • Mechanics monument
  • Palace Hotel
  • Admission Day Monument
  • Lotta's fountain
  • Maiden lane

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Exceeded Expectations
By lws07 on September 28, 2015
I have to say I wasn't sure how good this tour would be and if it was worth getting up earlier on the weekend to make the trip to the city from the south bay.

I was happy to find out that it was well worth it and we had a great time! Our tour guide, Derek, was very knowledgeable and had the right level of energy and enthusiasm- he wasn't cheesy/over-exaggerated nor was he just one of those guides who's just there to do a mediocre job. We had a full group, part of which was made up of about 10 ladies doing a bachelorette party, and he was very nice to try and keep them together as we went into shops (sometimes we had to stagger the # of people who went in because a few stores were small spaces). He also took the time to answer people's individual questions and to cater to certain likes. For instance, at one store, he asked the shop worker for 1 white chocolate piece for someone who had told him they loved white chocolate. And for those of us who didn't like the sound of a champagne flavored truffle (at Teuscher- go for the champagne one vs the other option, it's much better), he offered an alternative too.

As for the chocolate shops themselves, you go to a few well known ones (at least to locals) like Ghirardelli and See's, but also go to less familiar places too. I knew I wanted to buy 2 gifts along the way, but ended up getting something at almost every store that wasn't a bigger name. I'm glad I did too, people loved my gifts and I liked what I bought for myself. I learned a lot about the stores we went to, where they were based/from and what their specialties were. I thought this knowledge added to the tasting and really enjoyed learning more about a topic I didn't expect to be as interesting as it ended up being.

We started at a small newsstand (a store, not outside) on Market st. and ended up at the Westfield shopping center. Overall, a little less than a mile of walking and not strenuous walking at all. At a few points we got separated from the crowd as we were walking to the next store, but we caught up just fine.

All in all this was a fun time and I'd recommend it to others. It'll take place no matter the weather, so you may want to err on the side of non-winter months, but even when it sprinkled on us, it was no big deal!

Visited January 2014
Sonoma County = Wine, San Francisco=CHOCOLATE!
By Ron F on October 1, 2015
Just how long it would take the city by the bay to capitalize on this important part of the city’s history?...Well, the city has found a great partner with Derek and his Chocolate tour. The tour starts out by Fog City News which is known not only for its great selection of chocolate (approved and agreed upon by all members of the staff) but also its funny and outrageous inventory of greeting cards for your review. After sampling chocolate at the”News”, it’s up Market Street to a very discreet shop with many variations of not only chocolate , but tea and spices as well. The products neatly arranged in old library like shelves with rolling ladders for easy access, the “tasting” at Spicely Organic is greatly varied with infusion of fruit and “everyday” spices to those “spices” not usually associated with chocolate and a surprise to your taste buds. After Spicely Organic, the tour takes you to the most famous chocolate name in San Francisco, it’s here that Derek spends some time noting the history of the brand (Ghirardelli) and the city, as the samples here are very refined and well produced. It’s worth noting that the first thing that many sailors see upon entering the bay is the name Ghirardelli (a large sign is out by the harbor) and through Derek’s presentation its association with the history of the city over its many ups and downs throughout time. Like a honey bee attracted to the “look” of a flower, the chocolate’s presentation is one of the most important aspects to entice the customer to part with his money in order to enjoy the treat. The next three shops on the tour do not disappoint in that area of presentation, Minamoto, a Japanese style with precision and unique tastes, Chocolatier Blue, the efforts of a local chef and collaborations with an artist resulting in stunning, almost unreal results and last, the shop of CoCoaBella with chocolate from all over the world as well as from here in the states. The tour is well thought out, presented and supplied with enough samples that you may want to go back and start over with Derek again and again.
Choco-holics Tour
By Jennifer H on October 1, 2015
I purchased the Groupon to do the chocolate tour of San Francisco as a fun way for my friend and our daughters to get together. We had a great time with Derek as he was very informative about the local chocolatiers and their history within the city of San Francisco. On a side note another great attribute about Derek is that he is tall and easy to spot in a crowd so the group never got separated even when the streets got busier as the afternoon progressed.

Derek warned us and its true, by the end of the tour we could no longer finish our samples of chocolate. I recommend taking 1 or 2 bites of each item and tossing the extra. This way you can try everything while at the stores and be able to decide what you really enjoy and wish to purchase. My two favorites were Spicely (wonderful teas too) and Ghiradelli. The chocolates at Chocolatier Blue and Cocoa Bella were very artistic and beautifully presented, but too rich for my tastes (and a little strange, i.e. beware of the orange cranberry chocolate sample).

As we closed our tour Derek offered to take photos for us under the Cocoa Bella sign and to send us the brochure for the tour so that we could special order chocolates of our choosing at a later date. As an added bonus the weather couldn't have been more perfect if we had special ordered it for the day!

This event would make a great date, fun family outing, or a nice trip with friends to the city for the afternoon... Not to mention a great tourist type excursion.

Visited October 2014
Chocolate Heaven!
By MsIntl2015 on October 1, 2015
As a self-proclaimed CHOCOholic, this chocolate adventure was all that I expected and more! I have been bathed in hot chocolate before and this experience was a close 2nd to that. It started with a professional boost of exciting energy as my sister and I were greeted by our terrific tour guide, Derek! Each location offered a unique twist to the delectable mouthwatering experience that is chocolate. I was able to taste and purchase a wide variety of chocolates, each offering a wild party for my tastebuds and my psychological well-being. Thanks to Derek, we also learned some intriguing facts about not only the history of chocolate but also the history of San Francisco and it's impacting role in the production of delicious chocolate. This was my first time in San Francisco, but it surely will not be my last. Upon my return, I will definitely be satisfying my chocolate cravings at these locations. I may even become a regular customer of the organic chocolates that allow me to indulge despite my long list of allergies. My prayers have been answered!

If you take this tour, request DEREK as your tour guide and you'll be sure to have a great time! He's fun, entertaining and you'll learn a lot of great info that may make you love chocolate even more. His use of visual aids and bubbling personality adds to the presentation. Enjoy!
Great taste of chocolate and tour of San Francisco
By Sherrie J on October 1, 2015
My boyfriend and I went on this tour using a deal through groupon. We were a little early, so we waited nearby the meeting place and around 3:15 pm (our tour was to start at 3:30), we see a tall man in a business casual suit. We find out his name is Derek and check in with him. Once everyone arrived, he greets us all letting us know what to expect of the chocolate tasting. I really appreciated Derek as a tour guide because he was on schedule and called ahead to the stores to make sure they set aside chocolate for the group. He made sure everyone was okay and gave us enough time for bathroom breaks. What i liked most about the tour, besides the great tasting chocolate we got to have from the best of the bay/world, was Derek's enthusiasm and the interesting information he gave us about San Francisco itself. I've been to SF with my boyfriend multiple times, but i never really knew the history behind it. Throughout our tour, Derek pointed out interesting facts about sculptures and buildings, and even showed the group pictures of what San Francisco looked like before, during and after the earthquake. Overall, my boyfriend and I loved the chocolate tasting tour and we believe that it was because Derek was such a great tour guide that it was much more enjoyable. Thank you Derek!

Visited August 2014