Chocolate Tour of San Francisco

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  • Duration

    - Approx 2.5 hours
  • Market Street

  • Capacity

    - 20 persons per guide
  • Food is included. 7 tastings on the go (sidewalk tastings, or done inside the establishments)
  • Dress

    - It's a walking tour, so dress comfortably!
  • Departs

    Saturday @ 12pm & 4pm, Sunday @ 12pm
  • Meeting Location

    455 Market St.
  • Final Destination

    Cocoabella, 845 Market St.


Chocolate Tour of San Francisco

The good life abounds in the Bay area, San Francisco is a heavenly haven of culinary quality, and the dazzling variety of chocolatiers downtown is no exception. Come with us then, on the Chocolate Tour of San Francisco, and experience the wonders of the dark stuff, from abstract artisanal chocolate bars to dairy & gluten free superfood truffles, from Japanese ganache delicacies to Swiss Fleur de Sel caramels - we're taking chocolate to a whole new level, and simply insist you join us on this irresistibly delightful journey into everyone's favorite treat, Chocolate. Chocoholics everywhere will love the Chocolate Tour of San Francisco! Prepare to Yum!!

Chocolate Tour of San Francisco Itinerary

  • Spicely Organic Spices John & Clara search this beautiful world's pristine and exotic locations to bring home the widest range of flavors for lovers of gourmet food, and their tea infused chocolates are a craze in the making
  • Ghirardelli's Incorporated in 1852, and the second oldest chocolate company in the United States, we couldn't skip this San Francisco institution
  • Minamoto Kitchoan Japanese-style sweets for tea ceremonies, or “Wagashi”, brought to you from the rich traditions and beauty of Japanese culture
  • NewTreeThe name says it all at this innovative boutique, which serves up dozens of all natural culinary confections
  • Chocolatier BlueMaster chocolatier Chris Blue brings his childhood experience of organic agriculture to the art of French chocolate making. The results speak for themselves.
  • CocoaBella Featuring the highest quality, best tasting chocolates from makers in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and the United States - this place is the chocolate bomb


Customer Reviews

Great tour
By Laveda W on October 1, 2015
Fabulous chocolate tour. Loved the additional history of the city that was provided on the tour, very witty. Wish there had been a little more hard core chocolate, and a little less 'candy'. Loved the organic tea place.
Chocolate Lovers
By SFNannyfortwo on October 1, 2015
We did this tour for my mother-in-law's birthday and everyone loved it!! Our tour guide, Derek, was great. There was so much chocolate to taste I couldn't taste it all. I would definitely recommend this tour.
Chocolate tour of SF - fun activity
By Ellen S on October 1, 2015
I found a Groupon for the Chocolate tour of SF (~$20/person).

We went to 7 different chocolate shops, and the chocolate was INCLUDED (you don't have to pay extra). Most of the shops were on Market St. There was about 1.5 miles of walking. It ended at Westfield Mall after about 2.5 hours.

Our guide, Derek, was really entertaining and told us a lot of tidbits about the history of San Francisco and chocolate.

I highly recommend the Chocolate Tour of SF, especially if you can reduce the price from $50 to $20 by getting the Groupon.

Visited July 2015
SF Chocolate Tour
By Laura S on October 1, 2015
My friend and I took a mini vacation to San Francisco from San Diego for the weekend. We have been many times before, and we were looking for something new and interesting. We found a Groupon for this tour and thought it sounded fun...who wouldn't want to taste chocolate?

Well, this tour was so much BETTER then we expected! Our group took a casual stroll around to many chocolate shops and were treated to some of the best chocolate I've ever tasted. Derek our tour guide was not only knowledgeable about chocolates, but also about San Francisco. He was interesting and funny, and we actually went back to a few of the places he pointed out to spend some extra time.

I would highly recommend this tour, and come hungry!

Visited May 2015
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco
By zoud on October 1, 2015
Had a great time and tour with Michaelangelo. Enjoyed especially his many and varied accents. Lots of knowledge of old and new San Francisco. The Spicely stop was our favorite.
Fun Exploring Close to Home
By geologie2015 on October 1, 2015
I live in the SF Bay Area and I decided to take this tour mostly for the exercise. All the stops on the tour were new to me although I have passed by them many times without even noticing them. The elegant and gorgeous Japanese sweet shop was the highlight of the tour for me. I got to taste more than 30 types of chocolate at the different shops we visited. I learned new information about how chocolate is made and the history of San Francisco chocolatiers. All of the stops featured very high quality chocolate with lots of unique flavors. Derek was an interesting, personable guide and really knew all about chocolate. There were no boring moments in the tour. I am so happy I decided to do this tour.

Visited June 2015
Nice early afternoon tour
By TravelHistoryFood on October 1, 2015
We toured with Michaelangelo and enjoyed the tour. He was great. We had five stops plus a chocolate at the beginning and one included two samples since the normal sixth stop was closed. He made certain we got the claimed 7 samples by doubling up as necessary. I particularly enjoyed the first spices/tea infused chocolates stop and the final imported chocolates stop. I also liked that this went up market from 1st to about 5th....was good to see what was on Market while slowly making our way up to Powell.

(What is with the ridiculous blue vest the guide had to wear!? Really? Felt like we were being dragged along by the cops or playing part of a construction site team. Gotta let that go!) And one more request to besttours, the welcome email should specify where the tour ends so folks can make plans ahead for what to do afterwards.

All in all, recommend as a nice way to spend a few early afternoon hours.

Visited July 2015
Chocolate tour with Michaelangelo
By Setumodawal on October 1, 2015
The tour began on time and was well thought of. Michaelangelo was our tour guide who made the tour interesting and informative and funny.. though its a bit of a walk but you get to see the city up close and personal.. and the tastings are generous.. and by the end you are satiated... overall a good one. Recommended!!!
Chocolate Tour with Derek
By anewkitchen2015 on October 1, 2015
My son and I enjoyed our Chocolate Tour with Derek. I'm glad I came across this tour in Groupon. Derek was very knowledgeable not only of chocolate and the shops but with the local history as well. We would have loved more stops but we had more chocolates than we can handle! I highly recommend this tour not just for the chocolate lovers but for all foodies and people visiting San Francisco for the first time! Great job, Derek!

Visited April 2015
Chocolate Tour in SF with Derek
By SJ_girrl on October 1, 2015
Our tour guide was Derek. He was awesome! Made it that much more interesting & educational! Thoroughly enjoyed the tour & the tasting, and would highly recommend it to anyone!
Thank You Derek!!
By WineExplorerette on October 1, 2015
I enjoyed all seven stops of this tour! The guide Derek was very energetic and informative. I wished that the tour was longer so that I could hear more stories from him on chocolate and San Francisco :-)

My favorite stop was Spicely and I know I'll go back to explore more soon.

All the rest of the stops from SF icon Ghirardelli to all organic New Tree to Japanese & Swiss chocolates to long counter-full of chocolates from all over the world really satisfied my curious eyes and tummy!

Since the tour was at noon, I was wondering how chocolates can be enough to replace lunch. Actually there was so much to sample and taste, I was not hungry after the tour until early dinner.

This tour with Derek is definitely recommended! Thank you :-)
Derek made the tour! Gotta take the tour
By Todd H on October 1, 2015
I hope that Derek will be your tourguide and he was great. He and his iPad provided fun facts about chocolate and SF. Oh yea, and the chocolate was delicious.
Derek was AWESOME!
By Loraine M on October 1, 2015
We took the tour in January and Im sorry this is so late, but we LOVED the tour! Derek was fun and really helped us out even though we go lost and had to catch up with the tour. We would love to go on another tour with him. It was super fun :) Thank you!
Sweet Stroll on Saturday
By Luisa D on October 1, 2015
First off Derek shared more than expected when it came to fun, interesting San Francisco City Trivia. The chocolates were ALL tasting in their own way. Great buy fun for any occasion.
Deliciously Fun Chocolate Tour in SF!
By AlyssaHosbach on October 1, 2015
For my birthday, my husband bought me tickets for this tour in downtown SF. We live in the East Bay, but it was a lot of fun learning about the history of chocolate, the history of San Francisco, and tasting AMAZING chocolate from many different locations in downtown SF. This was my first-ever chocolate tasting tour, and I LOVED it! We got great exercise walking all over and enjoyed discovering new shops that sold unique chocolate flavors. Also, we got more than enough chocolate to taste. When you're ready, book your tour with Derek!

Visited March 2015
Derek is AMAZING! Best Tour Guide!
By Gina A on October 1, 2015
My husband and I had to best time on the chocolate tour. We were given the tour as a gift and expected to just walk around and try chocolate . What we got was so much more!! Derek gave us an amazing history lesson on chocolate and of downtown and Market Street, and of course tons of chocolate samples! Derek was the best tour guide we have had and now we know the best places to find chocolate! I recommend this tour to anyone who loves SF history and chocolate!

Visited March 2015
Chocolate San Francisco Family Fun
By VirginiaYY on October 1, 2015
Thank you Derek for a super fun afternoon. My husband daughter and I enjoyed your tour immensely. The chocolate was so yummy! We went back to New Tree for a late lunch and a stash to take home afterward! The history lessons super informative and fun. My daughter, who is 8, was so comfortable with you I had to do a double take twice as she just took off with you - so thank you for making a sometimes shy girl feel part of the fun and safe. :) Definitely recommend this tour as a fun new way to see the city... even though we come up often learning new places and sites is always fun.

Visited March 2015
Great Downtown Chocolate Tour
By Michelle G on October 1, 2015
We received two tickets as a Christmas gift and weren't sure what to expect. It was so much fun, with tasty visits to some great sweets stores (some of which I have passed by many times and never noticed), as well as lots of great information about San Francisco. Derek was a great tour guide!
By SF Chocolate Tour - March 15, 2015 on October 1, 2015
Very much enjoyed the tour! Derek was the best! He made the whole two hours very interesting and mixed in great stories and history of the city as we walked. Loved it.
For the chocoholics!
By gosmom on October 1, 2015
Very pleasantly surprised with this tour! Toured with three other gals and there were 20 total on tour...until the family with two young kids bowed out after first stop. (I think younger than senior high students may be a bit bored.) We covered approx. 9 blocks?
Visited 6 spots (Fog City was closed) but learned SO MUCH and tasted chocolate combinations I never could have imagined. And visited chocolate shops I never knew existed--and I live here! Favorite spot was Spicely (Bay Area produced) on Market St., with not only chocolate but tea tasting. And I now know where to go for obsure spices--they have hundreds!
(Milk Chocolate Chai was my fave chocolate of the day).

Will put a plug in for Derek...he clearly enjoys his job and was entertaining and highly knowledgeable, not only about chocolate, but also SF history. He supplemented his talk with pictures on ipad. 2+ hour tour was well worth it!

Visited March 2015
This was a really fun and informative tour of SF
By Majella B on October 1, 2015
I recently went on the Chocolate tour of SF. We went to 4 different stops and along the way learned some interesting historical facts about the city. Our guide Derek was very friendly and made an effort to answer everyone's questions without taking up too much extra time. He also seemed to really enjoy his job which is always nice to see when taking a tour with someone. Definitely would recommend this Chocolate tour for anyone that loves chocolate and wants to find hidden gems off the beaten path.



Visited February 2015
Informative SF tour; chocolates are a bonus!
By Notcalvin on October 1, 2015
Our party of four really enjoyed this tour with Derek! He was really informative and engaging, and definitely well-prepared. We had about 5 stops for chocolates, and Derek had all the information prepared on his handy iPad ready to share with us! I would love to take my parents on this tour too since they would be interested in both the history of SF and enjoying some chocolate too ... definitely requesting Derek to be their tour guide too!

Visited February 2015
A Chocolate Tour on Valentine's Day. Yum!!!
By panflash on October 1, 2015
Janet and I took our tour on 02/14/2015. Weather wise we couldn't have asked for a better day. Also eating chocolate on Valentine's Day with your honey is a plus too. Our tour guide, Michaelangelo was witty and very knowledgeable. We learned little about San Francisco history and learned the proper way to enjoy chocolate from all around the world. Thank you Great Food Tours and Michaelangelo for a great day! J&D
Tour Guide Derek made it worth the price
By Donalyn D on October 1, 2015
My husband and I have been on many tours and I can honestly say that Derek is the best tour guide we've ever had. What a charming, interesting, just-energetic-enough, fabulous guide. The chocolate was fine; Derek was divine! Thanks so much for making it very enjoyable and interesting.
Chocolate Tour with Derek!
By mariajeong on October 1, 2015
I really, really enjoyed this chocolate tour with Derek! I work around the area and would have never known to go into these chocolate shops :) We had so much fun, and Derek was very funny, energetic, professional and full of knowledge.
Great tour guide and Valentine's Day!
By melodell13 on October 1, 2015
My husband and I went on this tour for Valentine's day and brought along my father in law and his girlfriend. Michelangelo was our guide and he was hilarious. He did an awesome job intertwining some history of San Fran with the history of chocolate. He made it interesting and super fun! He was also an amazing help with a surprise gender reveal we had organized for the trip and even filmed the memory for us. Thank you so much again! Overall we had an excellent trip and it was well worth our time and money!
A hidden gem and great guide!
By Michelle V on October 1, 2015
My friend purchased a package deal for this tour and I wasn't sure what to expect. But with each stop I got more and more into this tour. I think it's a must experience for anyone interested in chocolate historically and in modern times. There was even a bonus tea tasting. Derek our guide was very knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. Enjoy the walking tour and consider it a chocolate meditation right in the heart of San Francisco. Just go!

Visited January 2015
Chocolate Heaven!
By MsIntl2015 on October 1, 2015
As a self-proclaimed CHOCOholic, this chocolate adventure was all that I expected and more! I have been bathed in hot chocolate before and this experience was a close 2nd to that. It started with a professional boost of exciting energy as my sister and I were greeted by our terrific tour guide, Derek! Each location offered a unique twist to the delectable mouthwatering experience that is chocolate. I was able to taste and purchase a wide variety of chocolates, each offering a wild party for my tastebuds and my psychological well-being. Thanks to Derek, we also learned some intriguing facts about not only the history of chocolate but also the history of San Francisco and it's impacting role in the production of delicious chocolate. This was my first time in San Francisco, but it surely will not be my last. Upon my return, I will definitely be satisfying my chocolate cravings at these locations. I may even become a regular customer of the organic chocolates that allow me to indulge despite my long list of allergies. My prayers have been answered!

If you take this tour, request DEREK as your tour guide and you'll be sure to have a great time! He's fun, entertaining and you'll learn a lot of great info that may make you love chocolate even more. His use of visual aids and bubbling personality adds to the presentation. Enjoy!
Great tour!
By CaptRandall on October 1, 2015
I really enjoyed being able to try smaller chocolatiers and the amazing creativity they unleash on chocolate. This was an excellent tour led by Derek that stopped at some wonderful shops. In addition, he gave us information on the history of the area where the tour was held - fascinating! The only downside was that the group was larger than expected - about 30 to 24 people. Made it difficult to get into the small shops & keep on schedule.
Afternoon Delight”
By NorCal15 on October 1, 2015
Each and every one of the six stops has its own unique, creative take on chocolate. SO delicious. Such a revelation!

But what makes this tour so special is Derek, the tour guide. Derek has a wonderfully positive, fun attitude. His knowledge of the history of chocolate---and San Francisco--is deep,interesting, and enhanced with pictures on his iPad.

The tour moves at a nice pace---never hurried, but never lagging. Derek had made sure that all the shops were ready and waiting for us. He also told us right at the start where the restrooms would be along the way--but also said that if a need arose before or after, he'd track down a restroom for us. I'd have to say he is pretty much perfect. And oh those chocolates!

Absolutely a delightful afternoon!
By Cb M on October 1, 2015
Our guide, Derek, was great- very friendly and kind to everyone, including those who "joined" the tour when they noticed samples given out. I liked the information but would say this. 20 is too large for the tour. Don't start at a location that is closed that day ( Fog City is closed Sunday).
Chocolate Tour - San Francisco Treat
By surfbetty21 on October 1, 2015
I've recently become interested in food tours, so a friend treated me to the SF Chocolate Tour for my birthday gift. We had so much fun! We sampled chocolates from six different shops:

- Fog City News (a French chocolate square)
- Spicely Organic (sample bits from nearly a dozen spiced chocolates)
- Ghiradelli (a seasonal chocolate square)
- Minamoto Kitchoan (a full sized chocolate pancake thing)
- Chocolatier Blue (2 pieces of gourmet chocolate in a cute package)
- CocoaBella (2 pieces of gourmet chocolate)

The samples were delicious, varied, and generous. It was great to discover chocolate shops that I never knew about in 25+ years of living in the SF Bay Area.

Obviously the chocolate is the reason why many people go on these types of tours, but the true highlight for me was getting to learn San Francisco (and chocolate) history from one of the most entertaining tour guides I have ever had. Derek was fantastic and I hope you are lucky enough to be on one of his tours.

Visited December 2014
Great Guide - Great Chocolate & history
By aworldtraveler60 on October 1, 2015
Derek was fun, knowledgable and great tour guide. Who knew there were so many unique and interesting and delicious chocolate stores right on Market Street! I recommend this tour for locals, adults, kids, chocolate lovers and anyone interested in SF history.
Sonoma County = Wine, San Francisco=CHOCOLATE!
By Ron F on October 1, 2015
Just how long it would take the city by the bay to capitalize on this important part of the city’s history?...Well, the city has found a great partner with Derek and his Chocolate tour. The tour starts out by Fog City News which is known not only for its great selection of chocolate (approved and agreed upon by all members of the staff) but also its funny and outrageous inventory of greeting cards for your review. After sampling chocolate at the”News”, it’s up Market Street to a very discreet shop with many variations of not only chocolate , but tea and spices as well. The products neatly arranged in old library like shelves with rolling ladders for easy access, the “tasting” at Spicely Organic is greatly varied with infusion of fruit and “everyday” spices to those “spices” not usually associated with chocolate and a surprise to your taste buds. After Spicely Organic, the tour takes you to the most famous chocolate name in San Francisco, it’s here that Derek spends some time noting the history of the brand (Ghirardelli) and the city, as the samples here are very refined and well produced. It’s worth noting that the first thing that many sailors see upon entering the bay is the name Ghirardelli (a large sign is out by the harbor) and through Derek’s presentation its association with the history of the city over its many ups and downs throughout time. Like a honey bee attracted to the “look” of a flower, the chocolate’s presentation is one of the most important aspects to entice the customer to part with his money in order to enjoy the treat. The next three shops on the tour do not disappoint in that area of presentation, Minamoto, a Japanese style with precision and unique tastes, Chocolatier Blue, the efforts of a local chef and collaborations with an artist resulting in stunning, almost unreal results and last, the shop of CoCoaBella with chocolate from all over the world as well as from here in the states. The tour is well thought out, presented and supplied with enough samples that you may want to go back and start over with Derek again and again.
Excellent Birthday Fun
By S D on October 1, 2015
The SF walking chocolate tour was a fun and unique way to celebrate our daughter's twenty-seventh birthday. Derek was a delightful guide, making everyone feel comfortable while intertwining information about the chocolates and that area of San Francisco. We personally had a group of six plus a baby in a group of about 20 people. In the short time we were together Derek knew who should be in his group and who shouldn't be (ah, those wily people walking by trying to snag a piece of chocolate). He waited patiently for people (like me) who wanted to make a purchase.

We visited stores I had walked by many times without noticing. The chocolate array was very diverse and interesting. Surprisingly, my favorite taste was in the Japanese sweets shop - a place I will be sure to revisit!

Thank you, Derek. Chocolate and history - what could be better?!

Visited November 2014
Great chocolate, also nice to get a guided tour with history
By Chad B on October 1, 2015
The chocolate was great! Some of the destinations were like overload. I don't recall the name, but the best stop was definitely the best. I think if they keep Ghirardelli they should get them to cough up and provide a better sample (by far the weakest stop on the tour). Derek was great; the history along the way really made the trip.

Visited November 2014
Chocolate bonanza!
By mmbcbt49 on October 1, 2015
Our tour was a great way to experience a sliver of food culture in SF. Derek was an informative guide who took us on the tour in spite of having had an accident on his way to work and having a small group to lead! The places we stopped all had something unique about them and the sights pointed out along the walks between added history! I would recommend it for chocolate lovers. It would be wise to bring a water bottle to clear your mouth so you can enjoy all the samples! My only suggestion would be to add a note about parking to the info for those who drive in. We had a real challenge parking and getting there on time as we were from out of town. Thanks Derek for a great tour!

Visited November 2014
Derek Chocolate Tour was OUTSTANDING
By iMuscle53 on October 1, 2015
Derek's knowledge was a site to see and hear. Myself and friends were very well informed about chocolate and a little history of SF. GREAT SAMPLES! I will definitely be recommending this tour to friends. GREAT JOB DEREK...THANK YOU! - Kyle
Great chocolate and great history
By Kimberly L on October 1, 2015
The San Francisco Chocolate tour was one of the highlights of our recent trip to San Francisco. Our tour guide Derek was a great treat on this tour with great insight into chocolate and the the history of the area. The chocolate choices were different and not the same old chocolate you can find in any store. I really recommend this tour.

Visited November 2014
Derek's Chocolate Tour is incredible!
By Maggie M on October 1, 2015
I don't know if any tour guide could have been better than Derek! He was friendly, funny, professional, and shared TONS of historical knowledge with us along the tour. His personality is perfect for this job, and he made all of the people in tour group feel comfortable and excited before we even left Fog City News to start the tour. I highly recommend looking for Derek (if you have a choice of tour guides when you book your tour) to be your tour guide - he represented the company he works for very well. Loved the tour - am already looking at my calendar with other friends to book another one soon - and yes, we will be booking with Derek!

Visited November 2014
Fun Tour!
By S Y on October 1, 2015
My girlfriend and I had a great time on this tour! We spent about 2.5 hours walking through downtown SF, visiting 7 chocolate locations and also learning about the history of chocolate as well as downtown SF!

Derek was an outstanding guide and really made the tour fun. The chocolate was delicious and we got way more samples then I expected. My favorite shop was New Tree, they gave us tons of different kinds of chocolate and I ended up buying some chocolate from them as well.

Spicely was also a great stop, they gave us dozens of samples and even included several types of tea as well. Highly recommend!

Visited November 2014
Fun tour for tourists and locals too!
By powell789 on October 1, 2015
We live in the area but still discovered and learned about a side of San Francisco that we didn't know anything about. Derek was knowledgeable and informative and a fun guide.
Chocolate Tour DF
By Joanne G on October 1, 2015
Derek the Tour Guide is great! Very knowledgeable about Chocolate and the history of SF. My girlfriends and I enjoyed!
The sweet side of San Francisco
By Alcoseres on October 1, 2015
Whether you are visiting the City or are a local, you will find that this tour is fun, informative and delicious! You get to taste lots of chocolate and learn tons of interesting facts about both chocolate and San Francisco. Derek was our tour guide. His passion for chocolate and love for San Francisco is contagious. We had a very pleasant afternoon. This tour is worth every penny!

Visited November 2014
Choco-holics Tour
By Jennifer H on October 1, 2015
I purchased the Groupon to do the chocolate tour of San Francisco as a fun way for my friend and our daughters to get together. We had a great time with Derek as he was very informative about the local chocolatiers and their history within the city of San Francisco. On a side note another great attribute about Derek is that he is tall and easy to spot in a crowd so the group never got separated even when the streets got busier as the afternoon progressed.

Derek warned us and its true, by the end of the tour we could no longer finish our samples of chocolate. I recommend taking 1 or 2 bites of each item and tossing the extra. This way you can try everything while at the stores and be able to decide what you really enjoy and wish to purchase. My two favorites were Spicely (wonderful teas too) and Ghiradelli. The chocolates at Chocolatier Blue and Cocoa Bella were very artistic and beautifully presented, but too rich for my tastes (and a little strange, i.e. beware of the orange cranberry chocolate sample).

As we closed our tour Derek offered to take photos for us under the Cocoa Bella sign and to send us the brochure for the tour so that we could special order chocolates of our choosing at a later date. As an added bonus the weather couldn't have been more perfect if we had special ordered it for the day!

This event would make a great date, fun family outing, or a nice trip with friends to the city for the afternoon... Not to mention a great tourist type excursion.

Visited October 2014
Chocolate Tour with Michaelangelo
By Judib57 on October 1, 2015
We could not have had a better experience. The tour was wonderful and the chocolate was great, too. Thank you, Michaelangelo!
So Much Chocolate!
By BeeKaayy on October 1, 2015
My best friend and I are both huge chocolate fans, so she bought me a ticket for this tour for my birthday and it was an amazing experience! We spent a very beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon walking around San Francisco tasting some of the best chocolate I've ever had. Our tour guide, Derek, made the experience that much better. He was personable, funny and had a great deal of knowledge of SF and chocolate. I would definitely recommend this tour and if you can get Derek you'll have a great time!

Visited October 2014
Chocolate Tour with Derek
By MonsterJasW on October 1, 2015
I love chocolate but wasn't too excited about joining a tour. But good thing I did! Derek was both funny and had so much knowledge to impart! I really love that he included some historic moments of San Francisco, which makes this not just a chocolate tour, but also a quick San Francisco downtown tour! The chocolates we tried were amazing at every stop, and I will certainly recommend everyone who visits San Francisco to take time out for this tour!

Visited September 2014
A lot of chocolate and chuckles”
By Rocco A on October 1, 2015
Had a great experience with Michalengelo, host of Great Food Tours- Chocolate in SF. He not only provided us with some great insight on the history of chocolate in San Fran but also some city history, as well. His humor helped make it even better. My fiance and I did it 3 weeks ago, on our first trip to the Bay Area. Would totally recommend it for anyone making their first voyage out there... and take advantage of any Groupon special out there. We got a 2 for 1 deal!

Visited September 2014
Highly recommend even if not a chocolate lover!
By Gary E on October 1, 2015
Incredible tour, I would recommend it for everyone! Even if you are not a chocolate lover, our tour guide Michaelangelo was very informative while being very entertaining. I was always a milk chocolate person, but I now appreciate the incredible flavor of dark chocolate. I was quite surprised how a piece of chocolate could be covered with incredible art work!
By the Chocolate Tour! on October 1, 2015
I was very uninterested when my girlfriend suggested the chocolate tour. However, after meeting Derek, and listening to his passion about the information he provided us, it was intriguing. Very nice person with a lot of heart. Makes you appreciate what he's talking about as well as the places we went to. Thanks!
Exciting, engaging and delicious tour.
By petliura on October 1, 2015
Derek is a fantastic tour guide. He's enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun. I would strongly recommend this chocolate tour to anyone without any reservations.
Amazing Tour Guide and Delicious Chocolate
By Sophia G on October 1, 2015
Michelangelo is an amazing tour guide - quirky, intelligent, and "in character." He spoke with different accents at different themed chocolate places, pretended to be a magician, and handled all questions (including ones from a ten-year-old) extremely well!

The tour itself features more helpings of chocolate than I think most people can eat in 2.5 hours, but they are all delicious - and you can always save them for later!

Visited September 2014
Pulsara G
By Fun Chocolate tour on October 1, 2015
I was visiting my daughter in San Francisco and decided to take the chocolate tour we saw in groupon. It was a very informative and fun two hours. Michaelangelo was our tour guide and he made the tour very enjoyable. Michaelangelo kept us all interested with the history of chocolates as well as history of San Francisco. We visited chocolate shops from different parts of the world and Michaelangelo was able to give us a good description about all these places. He took us to different parts of the city and It was a good way to explore San Francisco down town. I enjoyed the tour, learned something new about chocolates and the city of San Francisco, tasted different kinds of chocolates and got a chance to walk around the downtown.

Visited September 2014
“Chocolate Tour was Fun and Yummy
By Patty S on October 1, 2015
My friend and I went on the Chocolate Tour yesterday with Michael Angelo as our guide. Both were excellent. Michael Angelo is funny, informative, and patient with the participants. The shops we went to gave us lots of chocolate samples and even some tea. There is no pressure to purchase anything but I loved the different types of chocolate (some I had never even heard of) and bought some as gifts for birthdays. Great tour especially if you buy it through Groupon.

Visited September 2014
Chocolate Tour of SF
By elenamarie10 on October 1, 2015
I bought this as a gift for my sister and I to try something fun and different since we both LOVE chocolate. We kept saying, "Well, this is either gonna suck or be REALLY fun". From the get go, we could tell it was going to be the latter, and it was! We had a great time! Our tour guide, Derek, was amazing! He was super friendly, energetic and gave us a lot of information, not only about chocolate, but about SF as well. We saw chocolatiers that I never would have known about had we not gone on the tour. I've brought friends back to Spicely which is a great little spot on Market St. I can't wait to go to the secret rooftop gardens he pointed out as well. I would definitely recommend this tour for natives and tourists alike. We had a great time!!!

Visited August 2014
If you only take one tour in SF, this should be the one.
By cynbruce on October 1, 2015
I've taken over a dozen walking tours in SF. All very good. But this was by far the best. Not only did we sample excellent chocolates, we also got great background info on the city. Best of all, our guide, Michaelangelo was amazing. He made each stop fun and interesting. He's a master of accents and great with jokes. We're hoping he does the Halloween ghost tour so we can take another of his tours. Take this tour! You won't regret it.

Visited September 2014
A Tasteful Tour with Derek
By Ayse E on October 1, 2015
I was not sure what to expect from a chocolate tour except for eating a lot of chocolate but it turned out to be much more than that thanks to our guide Derek. Not only he educated us about the history of chocolate, and chocolate makers of San Francisco but he also made the walk around the city extremely delightful. I was impressed by how well-prepared Derek was supplementing his presentations with images on his tablet. The selection of chocolatiers was immaculate and it was very hard not to be tempted to buy entire stores after tasting the beautifully crafted samples. This was one of the most enjoyable parts of our visit to San Francisco and I am recommending the chocolate tour to everyone already. Thank you, Derek for making it so much fun!

Visited September 2014
Delicious chocolate tour!
By Thomas C on October 1, 2015
Who would of thought chocolate can be so delicious and fun at the same time! Derek was a great tour guide and really knew his chocolate and history. Very enjoyable, loved the tea tasting!
Chocolate and Tea
By Stephanie J on October 1, 2015
Fun chocolate tasting tour and local history with our tour guide, Derek. Utilizing a Groupon for this tour made the cost that much sweeter so that we didn't really worry about how much chocolate we were getting for what we spent. Best part of the tour: Spicely, because of the unexpected tea tasting and tea-infused chocolates.
One of the best tour ever
By John L on October 1, 2015
i have proven myself wrong because I get bore listening to the tour guide stories. Derek was very passionate on what he does and have excellent knowledge on the subject as well as the history of SF which made the tour very interesting. I highly recommend visitors to take this tour. It is amazingly good. thanks again Derek.
SF Chocolate Tour
By William S on October 1, 2015
Excellent tour headed by Derek, of seven wonderful chocolate shops in downtown SF. Derek and shop operators did excellent job of explaining intricacies of chocolate and Derek did a wonderful job of incorporation San Francisco city history into presentation. Highly recommend!
Chocolate Snob!
By Susana C on October 1, 2015
Derek was our tour guide for my tour. I have to say I was there as a part of my bridal shower, and we all had a blast. Derek was so much fun, and the chocolate was amazing! I now consider myself a chocolate snob! No more Hershey's for me! I would recommend buying chocolate at Spicely, although I made the mistake not to. I was thinking that I might like the other chocolate more and regret this purchase but that was not the case. There tea there was amazing as well, coming from someone who never drinks tea. All in all I would highly recommend this to everyone. Thanks again Derek, you were awesome!

Visited August 2014
Chocolate Tour was Great - Online Customer Service Not So Much
By jenssey on October 1, 2015
I highly enjoyed the chocolate tour. This tour is catered to the locals for those who have an interest in chocolate, but aren't an elite connoisseur. Derek was our tour guide and he took us around SoMa and Union Square, with all shops about 5 blocks from each other. Like many, I found this deal on Groupon and it was well worth the price.

We started off at Fog City News and had an in-depth overview of their fair traded, specially picked chocolate. Derek buys the samples for us to taste. Nothing is made here since this is a newsstand shop with an extensive magazine collection, but they sell locally made and foreignly made chocolate bars, eccentric and common, mostly pricy.

Next was Spicely. The idea of spiced chocolates sounded odd to me, but this was definitely my favorite spot. They gave us samples of teas and samples of chocolates. They have soooo many chocolate samples that you could be there for a half hour just trying little bits of deliciousness. Half the group stood outside for a history lesson while the other half went in, then switch. You don't need to be on the tour for free samples. Many people from the tour went back here for purchasing chocolates and tea post-tour.

We skipped SEE'S because apparently their quality has went downhill so expect to skip it, too.

Ghirardelli was next on the list and you get a free sample for entering in. You don't need to be on a tour for free samples. Any Ghirardelli in the area will give you a free sample for entering their store. Nothing special was done at this stop; it is just more of a touristy landmark. For those wanting to check out Ghirardelli, I recommend going to Ghirardelli Square. This stop could probably be skipped for something more unique.

Next was Japanese Sweets. I recommend this too. They give you a chocolate Moon Pie to eat and they have such beautiful displays.

Finally was the exclusive Teuscher. This high-end chocolate tour with a less-obvious front served Grand Mariner chocolates that push the limits of how much you'd spend on a delicious treat. But boy they were good.

Artesian Designs was up next, with a very colorful display in a small store. Not bad, and beautiful to look at.

Finally we ended up in the mall at CocoaBella. They gave some odd fusion chocolate with Rosemary that I thought was a bit eccentric, but they have quite the selection.

Derek himself was energetic, knowledgeable, positive and mindful. He is obviously an experienced guide and can keep a big group together. He knows much about chocolates, the city, and other tours we should try out. He even gave offered to give us a chocolate brochure about all the places we've seen. He could probably recommend any kind of tour.

So why did I give four stars? I think Ghirardelli could be skipped. It would have been nice to know in advance SEE's would be skipped, but that wasn't a big deal. The real issue was the customer service online.

The Groupon offer instructions aren't aligned with how to redeem the voucher. You're instructed to look for information in the center of the voucher, but none is listed. Neither Groupon Support nor Great Food Tours support was helpful, and just kept regurgitating information that the instructions said, that didn't align to solving the problem. So they are unresponsive, and frustrating in the sense where they give you generic uneducated responses without carefully evaluating your concerns.

Now to clarify - it's the chat reps that seem to be poor with support with Great Food Tours. Basically this happened (summary, not exact).
Me: The Groupon says to get the numbers from the center of the ticket, but there aren't any there. What do I enter?
Support: You enter the numbers in the center of the ticket.
Me: I just said they aren't there.
Support: I don't know. You should enter the numbers in the center. That's what the instructions says.
etc. etc.
Me: Forget it.

So if you need to reach out for support, don't contact Groupon, don't use the chat feature, just email them. The reps on email for some reason are more helpful than chat. Chat are the reps with "American" names that obviously don't understand English.

My only other issue is that your tour will say "Pending" after you registered online which is confusing. I was advised it says pending until you completed the tour. I thought my tour reservation was pending.

Another note is this tour is better for adults. Although people of all ages like chocolate there was a kid there, probably around 9-10, and he was bored out of his skull. This is mostly strolling, listening, and some chocolate sampling.

TL;DR: Derek is a great tour guide. The chocolate tour is a great tour for Bay area locals. Don't use the chat support feature on Great Foods Tour because people are useless. Email for support, only.

Visited August 2014
Interesting & delicious!
By Elliot S on October 1, 2015
The chocolate tour of SF was a great walk through downtown, exploring some unique, fun, and (of course) delicious shops and samples. Our guide, Derek, was friendly and included a lot of really interesting details about the history and development of chocolate in general and in the Bay area.
Great tour, even for locals
By Elisa L on October 1, 2015
We did the downtown area tour. It was a lot of fun, even though we've been in the area for awhile. They all ended up being samples of each of the chocolate shops, but Derek, our tour guide took us to stores that we would never think about going in, and knew every little detail about each stop which made the experience worthwhile. He was very accommodating for places that happen to be closed. A suggestion would be to maybe bring around a jug of milk or the like for the participants as it does get difficult to have a fresh palette after eating so much chocolate ;) It was mostly outdoors and quite a bit of walking, although nothing tiring. Bring a jacket, as SF weather can be unpredictable.
Great tour
By kevin a on October 1, 2015
I had an amazing time on this tour with my friends. Our tour guide, Michaelangelo, was great at providing a lot of interesting information about the city and chocolate. He made the tour very fun and lively as we sampled some amazing and beautifully crafted chocolates.
“Great chocolate tour with Willy Wonka I mean Michaelangelo
By Joelle W on October 1, 2015
We had a wonderful chocolate tour today. Learned a lot I didn't know about chocolate and tasted many interesting varieties of it from around the world. Michaelangelo was such a kind and entertaining guide. Hilarious, helpful and even did the different accents from around the world. Recommend for anyone who wants a unique perspective of downtown and loves chocolate!!!
A taste of San Fran Chocolate
By Zahira F on October 1, 2015
Chocolate tour itself was average, I was a little disappointed it wasn't the Ghirardelli tour but thanks to Derek it turned out to be Very Good tour. Derek made the tour interesting and fun. I was with my husband and two teenaged sons so I enjoyed the fact that Derek added interesting history tidbits about the City and Chocolate that we all enjoyed. Would definitely take another tour with Derek.
Perfect Chocolate Tasting Tour
By orejitas2go on October 1, 2015
I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up for the tour. It was a great deal through Groupon. I took my 11 year-old son on the tour. It was a perfectly executed tour. Our tour guide, Derek, was full of interesting tid bits of information about San Francisco and we were never bored. The chocolate samples were from artisan and well known chocolatiers. Absolutely perfect tour. My son couldn't stop talking about what a great time he had and how much he learned. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers.

Visited August 2014
Derek made this tour
By Nawid K on October 1, 2015
I arrived half hour late, and Derek was very kind to me. He had very interesting, and insightful factoids to share with us about the various attractions we encountered throughout our tour. I'm sure I would have enjoyed simple chocolate facts, but his knowledge of the City made this adventure way more interesting than I would have imagined.
So fun!
By Kristenabajian on October 1, 2015
Derek was a great tour guide! My family and I had a really fun day touring SF and eating amazing chocolate!
Great taste of chocolate and tour of San Francisco
By Sherrie J on October 1, 2015
My boyfriend and I went on this tour using a deal through groupon. We were a little early, so we waited nearby the meeting place and around 3:15 pm (our tour was to start at 3:30), we see a tall man in a business casual suit. We find out his name is Derek and check in with him. Once everyone arrived, he greets us all letting us know what to expect of the chocolate tasting. I really appreciated Derek as a tour guide because he was on schedule and called ahead to the stores to make sure they set aside chocolate for the group. He made sure everyone was okay and gave us enough time for bathroom breaks. What i liked most about the tour, besides the great tasting chocolate we got to have from the best of the bay/world, was Derek's enthusiasm and the interesting information he gave us about San Francisco itself. I've been to SF with my boyfriend multiple times, but i never really knew the history behind it. Throughout our tour, Derek pointed out interesting facts about sculptures and buildings, and even showed the group pictures of what San Francisco looked like before, during and after the earthquake. Overall, my boyfriend and I loved the chocolate tasting tour and we believe that it was because Derek was such a great tour guide that it was much more enjoyable. Thank you Derek!

Visited August 2014
More than just chocolate
By pnobles N on October 1, 2015
My daughter and I attended Derek's San Francisco Chocolate Tour on a Sunday afternoon. Learning the history of chocolate making was fun, and I enjoyed the uniqueness of the places visited. I especially enjoyed the stories and history of the area, such as the buried ships in San Francisco, and learning about the architecture and statues in the area we toured. The chocolate tasting was fun, too...Derek explained how it is similar to wine tasting.

Visited August 2014
Delicious chocolate tour!
By Nadia O on October 1, 2015
This chocolate tour down Market St. in San Francisco was one my stomach will never forget.... The samples from the stores were quite generous. Our tour guide, Derek, was not only well-versed in the history of chocolate but also in the history of San Francisco and was eager to teach us all on the tour.
Awesome chocolate tour!
By Rosalynn_Q on October 1, 2015
I went to the chocolate since I love chocolates and it was my 1st time in San Francisco. I bought the tickets by Groupon. The tour was awesome!! Derek was very helpful, nice, and easy to understand. He did the tour not just about chocolate but also he talked about history of San Francisco, he showed some architecture and of course.. chocolate. The chocolate places we went were very good. Derek explained all the chocolate process as well. Thanks!!

Visited August 2014
A wonderful way to explore
By Michelle D on October 1, 2015
This tour is an excellent way for locals, transplants, and tourists to explore some of San Francisco around Market Street and Union Square and discover fantastic chocolatiers. Derek was a fun, friendly, and helpful guide who gave an informative and delicious tour including chocolate and some local history. I will definitely be visiting (and sharing) these newly discovered gems again!
Best tour guide and amazing chocolates
By KellyLane44 on October 1, 2015
Great way to see downtown San Fran while experiencing some amazing chocolate places! Best part of the tour was Derek, our tour guide. He was very inviting, knowledgeable and fun! He made the tour worthwhile!
An excellent half day adventure in SF
By Emmanuel Q on October 1, 2015
Derek gave us an excellent tour of the chocolate stores that line Market Street. Everything was within easy walking distance and the samples were delicious. Derek has a great knowledge of both the history of the chocolate in SF and the history of the landmarks on Market St. He has a passion for sharing this knowledge as well.

I definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting SF and especially to the locals who want a day's adventure in SF, like myself.

Visited July 2014
Chocolate Lover Fun!
By MZarick on October 1, 2015
This was a fun tour. Learning more about chocolate and trying a nice selection! My family had a great time. Derek was a wonderful guide and kept it fun... And tasty!
No chocoholics left behind
By GailSF14 on October 1, 2015
Derek gives a lively and informative tour of some of the most creative chocolatiers' shops in downtown San Francisco. He keeps things moving by adding cultural and historical anecdotes between (delicious) chocolate tastings!
Start to become a knowledgable chocoholic.
By Dianaz5 on October 1, 2015
We got to see and taste some hidden gems. I didn't know that I was lacking in such chocolate knowledge before going on this tour. Derek has good taste and good pictures on his iPad of chocolate information.
For choco lovers
By Khalid J on October 1, 2015
It is simple ... if you love chocolate and wanted to know more ... this is your tour. Our guide Derek was super nice and very helpful.
Fascinating chocolate tour and cool info about SF, too
By leapfrogp on October 1, 2015
We just went on a SF Chocolate walking tour with Derek and it was fantastic! He was super organized, kept up a nice pace (not too fast, not too slow) and filled us up with great chocolate, interesting facts about chocolate and very cool facts about San Francisco. He also had created a great ipad presentation with pictures to help support what he was saying. My kids (10-12 yrs) thought the whole tour was really fun, Coincidentally we went on a chocolate tour of Zurich earlier in the year, and while that one was also good, Derek really put this one over the top. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to taste delicious chocolate and learn about chocolate and San Francisco.

Visited August 2014
New sides of chocolate and SF
By MOBX on October 1, 2015
This was a surprise from a friend after just moving to the area. We both really love chocolate but it was fun to taste so many different confections and get all sorts of city and chocolate information from our great guide Derek. We were in a small group and it worked really easily. Took about 2 1/2 hours to complete, we were taking our time and enjoying the day. Spicely was definitely the best find for us, chocolate, tea and herbs wonderful combination and great shop personnel. Happy to take this tour again!

Visited August 2014
SF is Sweet!
By JohnWayneHorton on October 1, 2015
As a local San Francisco resident, there aren't a lot of tourist events I would recommend to other local residents. However, Derek's chocolate tour of the Financial District/Union Square was great. I learned new things about my city and discovered some amazing shops I wouldn't otherwise have known about.
Great Chocolate Tour with Derek!
By Karen W on October 1, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed a perfect day in San Francisco with Derek as our guide. We journeyed to the numerous chocolate offerings around Market Street - from the more obvious locations (Ghirardelli, Cocoa Bella, Teuscher) to the more obscure and exotic (Spicely, Chocolatier Blue, Minamoto Kitchoan, Fog City News!). Derek was excellent in not only providing fun facts about chocolate and each of the stores we visited, but about San Francisco as well! The area we walked was full of historical significance. An excellent tour for locals (like me) and tourists alike!

Visited August 2014
Fun, Informative, and Delicious
By Alexander K on October 1, 2015
Our guide, Derek, was informative and fun. He kept the momentum but never made us feel hurried. And he gave us great background not just on the chocolatiers and their amazing confections but also on some historical highlights about downtown San Francisco.
Terrific Chocolate Tour with Derek
By Mary T on October 1, 2015
Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the City by the Bay sampling delicious chocolates!
We tried exotic flavors from Chocolatier Blue, Spicely, and Minamoto Kitchoan, and more familiar offerings at Ghiradelli and Teucher and Cocoa Bella. All of it was heavenly.
Derek was our fun and informative guide. I live in the Bay Area and had several "Who knew?" moments. Who knew that Fog City News has a mind-blowing selection to high end chocolate? Who knew that there are buried ships from the 1850's under the Financial District? Who knew that there are rooftop gardens along Market Street that are open to the public?
Awesome day!

Visited August 2014
Highly recommended
By Dan K on October 1, 2015
We had a good time. Derek was knowledgeable about the chocolates and shared information about San Francisco I never knew. I have recommended the tour to friends.
Chocolate Tour Rocks!”
By Keith C on October 1, 2015
Great tour! MichealAngelo was entertaining and informative. Then there was all the delicious chocolate. OMG! A must do in San Fran!!
Really fun!”
By Adrienne409 on October 1, 2015
We had a great time with Michelangelo on the Chocolate Tour! The chocolate was tasty, and it was amazing how many different kinds there were. Michelangelo was friendly, knowledgeable, and skilfully guided us into about a half dozen shops - many were so tiny he had to break us up into groups, all done very smoothly. It was a fun and very different kind of tour than what we have done before - thank you!

Visited August 2014
Chocolate tour of SF is a dessert unto itself!
By NoFoolingAround on October 1, 2015
I took my son on this tour today, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I never knew there was such a variety in types of chocolates, and was unaware of the huge subculture of artisanal chocolate makers! Our tour guide Derek was terrific in explaining the different options as well as the history and development of chocolate as the dessert par excellence of the Western world. He even gave us a fascinating history of the parts of San Francisco that we covered on the tour. He proceeded with good humor, keeping a large group together and always making sure everyone was taken care of. Even though the tour ran well past its 2 hour length, he hung in there with us to the very end without rushing any part of the tour. You would be lucky to have him as your tour guide as you sample some of the most delectable and exotic chocolate treats that you can imagine.

Visited July 2014
Derek's Chocolate tour was great!
By SabaMo10 on October 1, 2015
I recently took a chocolate tour and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Even though I've been living in the area for years, Derek is a gem and his knowledge and excitement really make the two hours fly by.

At one eatery, we were being offered a tasting that included alcohol and even though my tour group was all adults Derek was sure to ask us if we'd like the tasting to be replaced with something else. I don't drink alcohol myself and most other tour guides might have taken this courtesy for granted by I was really impressed by his professionalism and willingness to make everyone comfortable on the tour. Thank you, Derek!!

I'm looking forward to booking more tours with this group and Derek in particular. Can't wait :)

Visited July 2014
Great Chocolate Tour
By Anna L on October 1, 2015
Enjoyed a wonderful chocolate tour in San Francisco. Our tour guide, Derek was great! He was knowledgeable on chocolate past, present and future as well as on the history of San Francisco. Was able to try chocolate from stores I would never have gone into before and now am looking forward to going back.
By Choco-delicieux on October 1, 2015
As this was our first trip to San Francisco, we were eager to see all the sights! The chocolate tasting tour did not disappoint! The value was good, having purchased groupons. Otherwise, I think it would have been a bit too expensive. Derek is what really made the tour, no question about it! He was very knowledgeable and charismatic. The group was too large, but otherwise, the experience was fully enjoyable. Highly recommend, but be sure you book Derek!!

Visited July 2014
Chocolate tour in San Francisco with Derek a five-star experience!
By BayAreaKad on October 1, 2015
What could be better than a beautiful summer day in San Francisco, eating chocolate and learning fascinating facts about the City's history? It was our good fortune to have Derek as our guide. He made the day a huge success and we are looking forward to returning to the shops, now that we know where these hidden gems are located!
Derek Chocolate Tour interesting
By palmerdive on October 1, 2015
learned New Things About SF. LikedThe Use Of Tablet. Would Be Even Better With Fewer People. Derek Was Wonderful.
Chocolate tour with a difference!
By Bev M on October 1, 2015
On Sunday 07/20/2014 my daughter, son and I experienced a walking chocolate tour, with a difference, in San Francisco. Each chocolate retailer visited had samples available for tasting and we could then purchase from their plentiful stocks. My favorite chocolate store was Spicely, which had an awesome array of teas, chocolates and spices. The aroma was wonderful.
Derek, our great guide gave us interesting information on both the history of chocolate and San Francisco and showed us photos. He certainly made the trip worthwhile, was enthusiastic and I'd highly recommend it.

Visited July 2014
By MichDiam on October 1, 2015
This was a wonderful experience. We loved Derek, and he blend of teaching us about San Francisco and the chocolate. I would recommend it to anyone!
Doing the "tourist" thing in San Francisco
By LeslieStilesBaker on October 1, 2015
My sister and I took the San Francisco "chocolate tour" as part of our tourist day Sun.20th. We took the Bart into the city and walked to Fog City News to meet Derek for the tour. 2 hrs. later we had tasted some wonderful chocolates and learned the history of the city and how the chocolate industry started here. Derek is an excellent tour guide; he had visual aids and made sure everyone had a good time. The "tastings" were plentiful and delicious. The website could use an update though, as two of the places mentioned there were not included on the tour.

Visited July 2014
Chocolate was OK, while Derek (our tour guide) was simply great.
By Alex_Thrushov on October 1, 2015
Chocolate was OK, while Derek (our tour guide) was simply great. We learned many interesting things not only about chocolate but also about San Francisco and its history. Sasha
Delicious and fun chocolate tour with Derek
By Pleasanton, CA 2 reviews common_n_attraction_reviews_1bd8 1 helpful vote “Delicious and fun chocolate tour with Derek” 5 of 5 on October 1, 2015
On Sunday 07/20/2014 my siter and I experienced a delicious chocolate tour in San Francisco with Derek as our guide. Each chocolate retailer was generous with the tastings, our favorite chocolate was Spicely Spice Chocolates ( small samples but a wonderful variety) and Derek our guide is well versed in the history of chocolate and San Francisco
The tour was great, Derek our guide made it very interesting & fun-yummy & generous samples - DO IT! Pat 7/17/14 AZ
By PatgotoSF on October 1, 2015
Choc Food tour Derek was great yummy & fun! Pat 7/17/14 Pat AZ I think you should try this experience with friends and family.
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco with Derek
By Dina A on October 1, 2015
Derek was an excellent tour guide. He was knowledgeable, friendly and fun. He talked in a clear voice and kept an eye on everyone to make sure we were together and included. He knew a LOT about chocolate. I know a lot about chocolate and he taught me a lot. He not only shared the history of chocolate, he also shared the history of San Francisco and how they tied together. We both agreed that chocolate should be eaten daily. I have already told several of my friends and they are interested in going on the tour, too. Thanks Derek!
Great Tour with Micheal Angelo
By Joana H on October 1, 2015
The Chocolate tour with Michael Angelo was enjoyable. His energetic fun personality made the tour great not to mention the great chocolate samples. I bought the tickets through Groupon and did not have any issues redeeming the tour. M.A. was very informative and knows his chocolate . Thank you for making our vacation that much more enjoyable.
Willie Wonka's San Francisco
By Nancy N on October 1, 2015
Michelangelo gave us an exceptional tour of chocoholic hideouts in San Francisco. San Francisco history, fine chocolate and entertainment all in one, made for a fine afternoon walk. Michelangelo was knowledgable and entertaining about chocolate and San Francisco history.
Unique and fun tour with Derek
By Pam P on October 1, 2015
We bought the tour tickets as a fundraiser and didn't really know what to expect. We had a tasty and fun tour with Derek, who shared a fascinating history about chocolate and of San Francisco. He knew about each location where we stopped to taste from personal experience. This is a great tour for anyone looking for something different, and who, of course, loves chocolate! Pam

Visited July 2014
“Delightful Chocolate, History and a SF Experience in one!
By HarleyBengals on October 1, 2015
Deep in the heart of SF, experience some of the most unique chocolate flavors to confuse your taste buds, and learn more than you thought possible about the history of chocolate. Derek was a wealth of information and knows his chocolate! Thank you for making a weekend in SF so memorable!
The chocolate tour in San Francisco brought us to some great places
By KatiePense on October 1, 2015
Derek was a wonderful tour guide. He knew so much about the history of chocolate and the city. He was very personable and welcoming. If I went on this tour again I would go with Derek
Great tour, unique & tasty chocolate
By Max C on October 1, 2015
My girlfriend and I received this tour as a gift from a friend. We had no trouble getting a time that fit our schedule.

Michelangelo was a great tour guide, funny, full of information, and kept the tour moving at a nice pace.

We ended up buying chocolate at several of the locations (I think that's the point) and tried some great & unique stuff.

Definitely would recommend.

Visited July 2014
The chocolate tour in San Francisco brought us to some great places
By KatiePense on October 1, 2015
Derek was a wonderful tour guide. He knew so much about the history of chocolate and the city. He was very personable and welcoming. If I went on this tour again I would go with Derek
Great tour, unique & tasty chocolate
By Max C on October 1, 2015
My girlfriend and I received this tour as a gift from a friend. We had no trouble getting a time that fit our schedule.

Michelangelo was a great tour guide, funny, full of information, and kept the tour moving at a nice pace.

We ended up buying chocolate at several of the locations (I think that's the point) and tried some great & unique stuff.

Definitely would recommend.

Visited July 2014
Wonderful time, fascinating experience!
By Dsifferman on October 1, 2015
My wife & I really enjoyed this tour. We didn't know there were so many great chocolate shops in such a small area. Our tour guide Derek did a great job: he explained each shop and what they offered. He also included some interesting history of San Francisco. We'd strongly recommend the tour. Don
Chocolate Tour with Michaelangelo a great experience!
By Robert M. J on October 1, 2015
Michaelangelo is a great guide! Very knowledgeable, well prepared and he made a fantastic, funny presentation of the various chocolate assortments. This guy is a real entertainer!
Very interesting and tasty
By M_haines11 on October 1, 2015
Chocolate is always good but even better when you know more about it. The tour was wonderful and Derek was full of knowledge. Thanks.
Michaelangelo = BEST TOUR GUIDE EVER!
By Rachel N on October 1, 2015
As a San Francisco resident, I went on this tour with an out-of-towner friend hesitant about the gimmicky aspects of tourism that this city offers--I LOVE chocolate, but I don't love late capitalism, nor the outlandish craze of artisan foods and overpriced consumer goods flooding this city. HOWEVER, our tour guide, Michaelangelo, made it all worth it--he was fun, funny, and even relayed interesting facts about the city that I didn't even know in a plethora of different accents pertaining to the origin of the different chocolates. He's also a working artist in the city, which created a whole new level of embarking on this tour--supporting both the consumerist realms and the artists who struggle living in this rapidly progressing town. Michaelangelo was not only a hoot, but an intelligent entertainer who my friend and I could tell really wanted to show us a good time. He told us that he also gives CUPCAKE tours...I can't wait to sign up for one of those!

Visited July 2014
Yummy Chocolates!
By RobinJohnson on October 1, 2015
We found a groupon for this chocolate tour and weren't disappointed! It was our first visit to San Fran and this was a great way to see the city with the help of an awesome tour guide, Michealangelo! He was very knowledgeable and made it fun by dressing up like Willy Wonka! He even tolerated our 9 year old son wanting to be right by his side the entire time asking annoying questions! Thanks Michaelangelo!

Visited July 2014
“Chocolate Tour with Michaelangelo”
By Ashley L on October 1, 2015
I really enjoyed the chocolate tour with Michaelangelo. My friends and I signed up on a whim and we were surprised by how informative it was. Michaelangelo had a lot of great stories and I loved his Willy Wonka coat! If anyone wants a fun tour that gives you an insightful look into chocolate look this tour up!
Chocolate Tour of SF
By jcobb0710 on September 28, 2015
We had such a great time tasting all the delicious chocolates and listening to Derek's entertaining and informative summaries of each chocolatier's beginnings and the types of chocolate we would be tasting. Derek also pointed out some cool SF historical architectural buildings and fountains during our walking tour. Highly recommended!
Sweet Stroll down Market Street
By Margaret B on September 28, 2015
This tour is easy to get to since it starts and ends right on the BART line. The tour includes unexpectedly unique shops tucked away in the nooks and crannies between larger businesses. Our guide, Derek, kept us entertained with stories about the shops, how the business started, their owners, and why their chocolates are so very special. Each shop provided a sample (sometimes several samples!) of the finest they had to offer.

Visited January 2014
Fantastic Chocolate Tour in San Francisco!
By AnakaliaM on September 28, 2015
This chocolate tour was even more fun than I had anticipated! I went with a group of friends and we had a great time discovering the many (8 stops total) and varied places that sell chocolate in downtown San Francisco (who knew?). Our wonderful and informative guide, Derek, kept things interesting by presenting many facts about chocolate as well as San Francisco history. His knowledge really added to the quality of the was such a fun and delicious way to spend the morning! Thanks again!
Chocolate Tour in San Francisco - AMAZING!!!
By Igivetlcinob on September 28, 2015
Found this on Groupon and four of us went on the tour together and had an amazing time. Derek was our tour guide, and he was fun, informative, and very pleasant. He had so much knowledge of the places we toured, and also some very interesting history about that particular area of San Francisco where we walked on the tour.
The tour was very fun, relaxing, and you were not made to feel rushed at any time, which I particularly appreciated.
I would do this tour again in a heartbeat............maybe I'll take my husband next time. :)

Visited January 2014
Great fun!
By supahu on September 28, 2015
We had such a great time on the Chocolate Tour! Our guide was Derek. He was fun, professional and very informed. He gave us a lot of cool info about chocolate and historical elements of San Francisco along the tour. We visited some really cool places that, as a local, I had never heard of. I love that I now know where to go for fun chocolate ideas and to find something special in the future. This is a great way to spend a couple of hours in the city.

Visited January 2014
Over the top Chocolate tour
By Liz W on September 28, 2015
4 of us quilters had a perfect day on this chocolate tour. Just the right amount of walking, and excellent chocolate tastings. Places I never would have thought to walk into. Derek knows more about chocolate and facts of San Francisco than you can possibly imagine. He really goes the extra mile to make this tour over the top. I definitely got my fill of chocolate.

Visited January 2014
Exceeded Expectations
By lws07 on September 28, 2015
I have to say I wasn't sure how good this tour would be and if it was worth getting up earlier on the weekend to make the trip to the city from the south bay.

I was happy to find out that it was well worth it and we had a great time! Our tour guide, Derek, was very knowledgeable and had the right level of energy and enthusiasm- he wasn't cheesy/over-exaggerated nor was he just one of those guides who's just there to do a mediocre job. We had a full group, part of which was made up of about 10 ladies doing a bachelorette party, and he was very nice to try and keep them together as we went into shops (sometimes we had to stagger the # of people who went in because a few stores were small spaces). He also took the time to answer people's individual questions and to cater to certain likes. For instance, at one store, he asked the shop worker for 1 white chocolate piece for someone who had told him they loved white chocolate. And for those of us who didn't like the sound of a champagne flavored truffle (at Teuscher- go for the champagne one vs the other option, it's much better), he offered an alternative too.

As for the chocolate shops themselves, you go to a few well known ones (at least to locals) like Ghirardelli and See's, but also go to less familiar places too. I knew I wanted to buy 2 gifts along the way, but ended up getting something at almost every store that wasn't a bigger name. I'm glad I did too, people loved my gifts and I liked what I bought for myself. I learned a lot about the stores we went to, where they were based/from and what their specialties were. I thought this knowledge added to the tasting and really enjoyed learning more about a topic I didn't expect to be as interesting as it ended up being.

We started at a small newsstand (a store, not outside) on Market st. and ended up at the Westfield shopping center. Overall, a little less than a mile of walking and not strenuous walking at all. At a few points we got separated from the crowd as we were walking to the next store, but we caught up just fine.

All in all this was a fun time and I'd recommend it to others. It'll take place no matter the weather, so you may want to err on the side of non-winter months, but even when it sprinkled on us, it was no big deal!

Visited January 2014
Great SF Chocolate Tour
By Linda B on September 28, 2015
Yesterday was the perfect day for a walking tour of SF hidden and not so hidden chocolate establishments. Derek was great taking us to the known and loved places like See's Candy and the surprise hidden places such as Chocolatier Blue. My sister and I had a great time and would recommend to others.
Wonderful experience
By ashleyo311 on September 28, 2015
I went on a chocolate tour for my sister's bachelorette party with 12 girls. Derek was wonderful. He handled our large, jubilant group with poise and professionalism. His presentations were very interesting, and very nicely enhanced by visuals on his ipad. Overall, a great experience.
Chocolate Tour with Derek
By Lford1972 on September 28, 2015
I had a great time with Derek on our Chocolate tour in San Francisco. I went with two friends and we all enjoyed ourselves. It was fun to learn SF facts and gain chocolate knowledge. The chocolate tasting was fabulous!! Thanks Derek for the fantastic time!
Great Day Whether You Live in SF or are a Visitor
By LMech_55 on September 28, 2015
I took this tour today with two friends. It exceeded my expectations not only for the chocolates experienced throughout the day at eight different shops but also because of our fabulous guide, Derek. He was not only knowledgable about chocolate and all of the fine establishments we visited but also because of his knowledge of the history of San Francisco and many of the statues and architectural sites we passed. I give this event an A+ for anyone who loves chocolate, history, is a Bay Area resident or a visitor to SF. Thanks Derek for the fun day!

Visited January 2014
Mmmmmmmmm. Chocolate!
By natalie c on September 28, 2015
We went on this tour with my parents and my ten year old daughter. We all loved it. The tour guide, Derek, was fantastic. Easy going and informative. The chocolate was delicious and we got to sample all different kinds. I highly recommend this tour.
Fun experience and a great guide.
By hyjenist on September 28, 2015
My office decided to take this tour as a Christmas outing. We were very impressed by the amount of chocolate shops we got to taste from. Our guide Derek was great. He accommodated our large group well and was kind and patient. He went out of his way to make it a good experience for all of us. This was a fun way to experience a bit of what san francisco has to offer.

Visited December 2013
Chocolate tour with Derek
By krmllr on September 28, 2015
We had a wonderful chocolate tasting tour with Derek. Great stops, beautiful chocolates and a very well informed guide. The tour was easy to do and the shops were unique and very hospitable. Derek was fun, let us linger when we wanted to and had good rapport with everyone in the group. This is a great tour and I highly recommend it!

Visited December 2013
Chocolate tour
By Andie S on September 28, 2015
This tour was a Christmas present from my friend Carrie to myself and 2 other friends and what a perfect present it turned out to be! Derek was a great tour guide and we learned all sorts of interesting info about the history of chocolate - and the samples were, of course, a chocoholics dream!! Would definitely recommend this to any fellow chocoholics!!

Andie Shipman
Clayton, California

Visited December 2013
Taste Your Way Through SF's Chocolate History
By fogcellist on September 28, 2015
The chocolate tour of San Francisco is a wonderful way to explore the city. I have lived in the city and now live nearby and felt shocked that I knew so little about many of the wonderful chocolate places. I'd read about Fog City News but had never visited. Of course, I'd heard of Ghiradelli but didn't know the fascinating history that Derek shared. He's the best tour guide--able to shepherd us along in a very friendly way while sharing a prolific knowledge of each place we visited. When we had to leave a little early, he phoned ahead so we could visit the last two places on our own. That way we didn't miss Chocolatier Blue, one of our favorites. And we both loved Spicely Organic Spices. Who knew that there were chocolates infused with spices there? I highly recommend the tour with Derek as your guide.

Visited December 2013
“highly recommended for both locals and out of towners
By LoveSanFrancisco2011 on September 28, 2015
My man is chocolate enthusiast so I bought this tour for his birthday. We had a great time. Our guide Derek led a fun tour and we really enjoyed it. We are locals and because my man loves chocolate so there is only 1 chocolatier on the tour we had never visited before. But we still learned a lot of fun facts and sampled many new flavors. We were happy to learn that our favorite chocolatiers were among the best in the area. Tour highly recommended for locals and out of towners!

Visited December 2013
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco
By Mindy S. (a Yelp Member) on May 2, 2014
Five stars, not because the setup was flawless, but because the tour guide, Derek, is such a sweetie. He waited for latecomers, waited for people to use the restroom, browse, and buy stuff before moving on to the next location, shared interesting-ish chocolate trivia on his handy dandy iPad, and never rushed or pressured anyone in any way. Hooray for chipper Derek!

Assume from the start that you'll be bored stiff at See's and Ghirardelli, but that the other stops (Teuscher, Cocoa Bella, Minamoto Kitchoan, Fog City News, Chocolatier Blue, and Spicely are what I remember) will make up for it. You get a small sample at each stop, then sometimes an interesting-ish mini-presentation from employees, then lots of time to buy expensive chocolate. All in all, not a bad time.

I felt stupid reverently putting pinky nail-sized slivers of chocolate on my tongue and letting them melt while listening to employees blather on about gourmet this and artisan that (I mean come on people--it's chocolate, not cremains, so why all the gravitas?), but f**k it. Life's not complete if you don't do something laughably touristy at least once.

From Yelp
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco
By Deborah S. ( a Yelp Member) on May 2, 2014
We purchased this on Groupon, and it was worth the Groupon price, I would not recommend it without the discount.. Most of the shops were not prepared for us, and the time seemed to drag, waiting.
The Swiss Teuscher was the find for me, just like the chocolate shops in Europe..I will be back!
Derek, made the trip informative and interesting.

From Yelp
Not what you paid for
By Dmitri on April 9, 2014
Price of the tour is $50. For that amount of money you could buy 10 different chocolate bars and enjoy all of them in the privacy of your own home. Even though the tour guide was informative, chocolate amount that was served was super small. You could get the same chocolate as a sample if you walk in and ask for one.
Please save your money and read about those chocolates online....
Overall, tour guide was great but dont expect to satisfy your chocolate craving...
By Dmitri on April 9, 2014
Price of the tour is $50. For that amount of money you could buy 10 different chocolate bars and enjoy all of them in the privacy of your own home. Even though the tour guide was informative, chocolate amount that was served was super small. You could get the same chocolate as a sample if you walk in and ask for one.
Please save your money and read about those chocolates online....
Overall, tour guide was great but dont expect to satisfy your chocolate craving...
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco
By Gary M. (a Yelp Member) on March 4, 2014
Alana gave us a great tour today. And we had a lot of great chocolate.

From Yelp
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco
By Mary W. (a Yelp Member) on March 4, 2014
This was a fun outing. Even more fun than I expected mostly because of having Dereck as our trip director. I have lived in the Bay Area for a long time but Derek gave us some entertaining tidbits of historical trivia that were entirely new to me. Our group was 12 people which was perfect. And - have I mentioned the chocolate . . . ? Exquisite.

From Yelp
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco
By Dhaisha H. (a Yelp Member) on March 4, 2014
Never knew that a chocolate tour existed in San Francisco until I came across the tour on groupon. My husband's birthday was coming up and he is a die hard chocolate man so I thought this would be a great chance to walk around the city I love and enjoy some chocolate with my birthday boy.

Derek was our tour guide. I have to say he was a great tour guide! Very informative and captured every ones attention. As we went to each location he would not only go over their history but also gave us a break down of chocolate and its history. I loved how he intertwined local history of our surroundings as we walked along our tour.

Once our tour was over I inquired about other tours that Great Food tours was apart of and our tour guide Derek stated they are working on a few more local tours. So I asked that he keep in touch because I will definitely take other tours with him in the future.

From Yelp
Chocolate Tour of San Francisco
By Samantha A. (a Yelp Member) on March 4, 2014
My boyfriend found this chocolate tour of SF on Groupon. We had been to Ghirardelli Square before, but getting to visit a part of the city that we'd never been to before and eat tons of chocolate along the way sounded promising.

It was even better than we imagined. All of the stops were unique and delicious. The only thing that could have been an improvement was to not stop at See's on the tour - they were rude and it was a pointless stop.

Derek was our tour guide - he definitely made the tour exceptional. While eating chocolate would have been fun regardless of who our tour guide was, it can be miserable to go on a 3 hour tour with someone boring or uninterested. Derek was very invested in the tour, genuinely friendly and excited, and knowledgeable about the city, chocolate, and the stops we made without boring us even once.

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone and would definitely go on another tour with this company in the future.

From Yelp
Do not waste your money on this tour
By Karla Miranda on January 20, 2014
I was super excited about this tour today, Jan 19 2014. Being a chocolate lover and SF local, I have to say that some of the stores we went, I have walked by so many times and didn't even notice they were there. With that being said, I honestly found this tour very poorly planned and executed. The tour guide did not know the story behind each of the places we went, she seemed lost at times and the list the website presents is not the updated with all the stores we went, since some of them were closed. At See's candy we had to wait outside for about 10 min because the attendant was alone and then when we went inside she was rude and not accomodating to some peoples needs (allergies etc) saying those were the samples for the tour. 2 of the places actually offer samples to every customer and the other stores the chocolate pieces offered varies around $1.50 to $3 a piece so this tour is definetly NOT worth $50!!! The group of 20 is too large and had to be split several times because some of the stores are so small that can barely fit 5-10 people at the same time. At one point the tour guide just told half of the group to go ahead and go to Ghirardelli's and said there was no special sample, just the ones they give to everyone at the door. I felt a bit deceived by this. My suggestion if you are a chocolate lover and would like to visit some places is to go to these places yourselves and ask the sales person to give you some of the history about their chocolates and buy the ones you actually like, nit the ones they give you at the tour.
Fun and Yum
By Quency K. on December 2, 2013
Derek gave us a great tour. Lots of information and chocolate knowledge given and all the tasting was good. We are locals but think this would be great to take out of towners next time.
Amazing Chocoholics Experience!
By Rosalind Ng on October 25, 2013
Not merely an informative leisurely stroll through SOMA and downtown, but an amazing experience of trying different types of chocolates and enjoying every morsel through your 2.5 hour journey. I had three kids with me (twelve year olds and an eight year old) and everyone seemed to enjoy all the stops and treats. If you're visiting from out of town you will enjoy the SF nostalgia of Ghiradelli's and Sees, but the best is the last four stops, where we sample, bought and wished we bought more after we made it home with our goodies!
Loved this tour!
By Berkeleywalker on October 19, 2013
Six of us took this terrific tour together and had a fabulous few hours. Our knowledgeable guide Derek added greatly to the experience, refining our chocolate chops. The tour includes a nice variety of chocolates, both local and exotic, with some real surprises like Spicely Organics, where tea-infused chocolates are paired with compatible teas. I would definitely recommend this tour, both for visitors to San Francisco as well as residents who may not realize what a rich assortment of chocolatiers their city has in a relatively small geographic area.
Chocolate Heaven!
By Sandy F on October 19, 2013
Six of us took this tour and thoroughly enjoyed it. The choice of chocolatiers gave us a lot of variety; each stop was better than the last. Our guide Derek added greatly to the experience with his knowledgeable commentary and his pleasant personality. I would highly recommend this tour for natives and visitors.
Great tour!
By Kay on October 16, 2013
Derek did a great job of taking our tour to eight chocolate shops in San Francisco. This tour is good for out of towners and also for locals. I saw and tasted chocolates from shops I have passed many times, not knowing they were there. The pacing was good as we had time to taste and time to shop. Derek was knowledgable and lots of fun.
Fabulous Tour
By Sandy Friedland on October 15, 2013
My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed this tour! It included a fascinating variety of chocolates, from the well-known to the exotic. Spicely Organics and Minamoto Kitchoan were the most unusual. Cocao Bella's confections were the most gorgeous. Our guide Derrick did a terrific job, adding narrative to our sampling and patiently shepherding the group. A ticket to the tour would make a wonderful gift for a visiting friend.

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