Harry Potter Tour of London, Oxford and Lacock

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  • Duration

    - 10 Hours (Approx)
  • London, Oxford & Lacock

  • Capacity

    - 6
  • Hotel Pick Up Available
  • Dress

    - Comfortable Clothing
  • Departs

    Daily @ 9am
  • Meeting Location

    Henry's Bar & Cafe, 80 Piccadilly, W1J 8HX
  • Final Destination

    Hotel Drop Off (Zone 1 only)


Harry Potter Tour of London, Oxford, and Lacock (Day Trip)

Experience the magic of Harry Potter on this incredible Harry Potter Tour of London, Oxford and Lacock. This private, chauffeur driven day trip offers an amazing opportunity to see two of the most beautiful cities in the world, London and Oxford, as well as the charming medieval Wiltshire village of Lacock where crucial scenes from the Harry Potter films are set. Take in the sights and scenes from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books and films, which were set entirely in Britain at her own request. You’ll visit London and Oxford but see them like never before as we show you memorable film locations and inspirations behind the books. We then move on to Lacock to further immerse you in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Chauffeur Driven Harry Potter Tour of London, Oxford and Lacock

Our chauffeur driven tours offer a touch of luxury to your sightseeing, and allow you to relax and savour each location at a more leisurely pace and intimate setting. We will whisk you away from the crowded streets and buses in our private vehicle, and your dedicated, professional chauffeur will give you the attention and courtesy that you deserve. This amazing experience includes a hotel pick up / drop off service and numerous photo opportunities for you to capture the magic of Harry Potter for a lifetime. Part of our range of "Harry Potter Tours", the Harry Potter Tour of London, Oxford and Lacock is a comprehensive guide to the world of Harry Potter and is an essential experience for any Harry Potter fan, so read the full itinerary below, book online today.



  • The magical platform 9¾ sign where Harry catches the Hogwart's Express.
  • The bridge destroyed by Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters (Half-Blood Prince).
  • The bridge where the Knight Bus squeezes between two London Double Decker buses (Prisoner of Azkaban).Image Description
  • The entrance to the Leaky Cauldron that Harry and Hagrid entered on their way to Diagon Alley (Sorcerers Stone / Philosophers Stone).
  • The London underground station from where Mr Weasley takes Harry to the Ministry of Magic (Order of the Phoenix).
  • The entrance to the Leaky Cauldron where the Knight Bus dropped Harry off (Prisoner of Azkaban).
  • The location of the red telephone box where Harry and Mr Weasley descend into the secret Ministry of Magic (Order of the Phoenix).
  • Plus much, much more…


  • The 16th century dining hall used as the inspiration for Hogwart's Hall.
  • The room where they practice their dancing for the Yule Ball when Ron has to dance with Professor McGonagall with the whole of Gryffindor looking on (Goblet of Fire).
  • The room used as Hogwarts Hospital in four of the films.
  • The tree that Malfoy was sitting in before Mad Eye Moody turned him into a ferret for picking on Harry (Goblet of Fire).
  • The 16th century stairs where Professor McGonagall greets the First Years (Sorcerers Stone / Philosophers Stone).


  • The flashback of Harry's childhood home (The Philosopher's Stone
  • Lacock Abbey, the setting for various interior scenes at Hogwarts School.
  • The tower where the killing of Albus Dumbledore at the hands of Severus Snape took place (The Half Blood Prince)
  • The Angel Inn
  • The meeting between Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and Horace Slughorn (The Half Blood Prince)

PLEASE NOTE: Please note that the Harry Potter Tour of London, Oxford and Lacock ticket price does not include entrance fees to the Oxford attractions which total £10. These attractions are working academic institutions and some areas may occasionally close without notice; Bodleian Library is closed on Sundays.


The Celebrity Planet's Harry Potter Tours are not official 'Harry Potter' events and not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported, directly or indirectly by Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, the Harry Potter book publishers or J.K.Rowling and her representatives. All rights to the series of “Harry Potter” books are the property of J.K. Rowling and her publishers including Scholastic Press, et al. Film rights and image trademarks are the property of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.


Customer Reviews

“Harry Potter tour - London, Oxford & LaCock”
By Askoog (a TripAdvisor Member) on May 1, 2014
Wonderful day with our guide - Gill. I took my son to London for his Senior year spring break. He found this personal chauffeured tour thru TripAdvisor which had excellent reviews. The reviews were "spot on". It was a cool raining day but, we had an amazing time. Gill was very friendly and we felt safe the entire trip. I would highly recommend this day trip to any Harry Potter fan.

Visited April 2014

From TripAdvisor
“Harry Potter Taxi Tour - London, Oxford, and Lacock”
By kmro29 (a TripAdvisor Member) on June 30, 2013
Last month, my boyfriend and I (both in our early 20s) took a week’s vacation to London from the US, and we are so glad we decided to book up one of our days with the Celebrity Planet Harry Potter Taxi Tour to London, Oxford, and Lacock. It was probably our favorite day of our whole visit! Will, our extremely knowledgeable guide, and Jill, a guide-in-training, were both so personable and helpful! We truly enjoyed our time with them. As huge Harry Potter fans, my boyfriend and I loved being able to see and learn about the locations that were used in the films or served as inspiration for the series. They even had movie clips on hand to show, helping the Potter experience come alive! A fan’s dream! Plus so many fun photo opportunities at each stop!

HP fan perspective aside, though, we really just loved being able to see places that were beautiful and historical on their own right, in London and out. Oxford was absolutely lovely, both when visiting the colleges and when lunching at a popular pedestrian area, and the tiny village and history-riddled Abbey of Lacock were beyond charming. Getting out of the city and into the English towns and countryside added a wonderful dimension! Although the tour was a little pricey and took nearly all day, it was worth every penny and minute. We would absolutely recommend this more personal tour to anyone and everyone who enjoys Harry Potter and who wants a fuller experience of sight-seeing, as well!

Visited May 2013

From TripAdvisor
Great experience!
By Brown Family on May 6, 2013
William did a wonderful job as our tour guide and really helped make the places we visit come to life in regards to the Harry Potter movies. He was very knowledgable and enthusiastic which helped make it all the more enjoyable. The places we visited were magnificent. I was very glad to see more of Britain than what is right in London. The architecture really is a must see experience, I hadn't ever seen anything like it before.
“Harry Potter Chauffered tour in London, Oxford and Lacock”
By SugeyCE (a TripAdvisor Member) on November 30, 2012
What a fabulous way for any true fan to get to see many of the sites featured in the Harry Potter film series. We had a wonderful guide, William Ashbey, who is a fan himself which makes it all the more enjoyable. My mate and I loved the fact that he brought along clips of the film sites on his ipad which was so key to completing the experience. We'd spent some time in London already, an knew it was a great city, but seeing Oxford and Lacock was incredible. It was really cool as tourists to see a big city, a college town, and a little town with an awesome cozy feel to it.

Definitely recommend this tour!

Visited August 2012

From TripAdvisor
“Fantastic day spent on the full day Harry Potter tour.”
By Reno77 (a TripAdvisor Member) on March 21, 2012
Two friends and I had a wonderful time being driven around to see so many filming location for the Harry Potter movies. Our lovely tour guide, George, was knowledgeable and entertaining as he showed us around Lacock, Oxford and London showing us places that I would never otherwise know about or recognise. I strongly recommend this tour, its a great way to spend a full day when visiting London. Now I just have to re-watch all the movies to pick out all the familiar locations!

Visited December 2011

From TripAdvisor
“Harry Potter day tour London - Oxford - Lacock with guide”
By bvdd (A TripAdvisor Member) on December 29, 2011
What a very nice and unforgettable day with a professional guide called " James " , who also new where to have a perfect lunch in Oxford (for a very reasonable price).
We've started the day in London and our driver took us to Oxford and Lacock. You'll need a whole day from 9.00 AM till 07.30 PM but it is great!!! You don't have to hurry (you're on holiday) and the locations are so nice that you're like Harry himself! Thanks!

Visited July 2011
From TripAdvisor
"The best time for a fan of Harry Potter or architectures"
By mbrouillard (A TripAdvisor Member) on December 29, 2011
17 Jan 2012 A TripAdvisor Member
For my birthday, we made the "Harry Potter Tour, London, Oxford and Lacock." Our guide, James, picked us up at the hotel. First we visit London. At each location, we showed an excerpt from the film on his iPhone and then we saw the place! Rather convenient for the first films! We were able to take a max of photos, we even saw other places of films like Bridget Jones's house, the hotel of James Bond, etc.. In my Oxford is a must. Oxford = Hogward. For my boyfriend who was less a fan of Harry, he found his account with the architecture of Oxford. The campus is worth a look. When you know that JK Rowling has already been underway in this magical place, you feel closer than ever to the author. Finally the village of Lacock is a little gem of England. British series and several movies have been shot. We even had tea with the mother of James:) I must conclude by saying that our guide spoke enough French that put us in confidence. We preferred still try in English, but it was a nice touch to speak our language.
Great tour for any Harry Potter tour
By texanfamily on January 13, 2011
Really enjoyed the day excellent service, good knowledge of Harry Potter and sights used in the movie, enjoyed it thoroughly, I loved lacack, just a beautuful little village, five stars.
Great tour
By Jacob on May 1, 2010
Great tour for any Harry Potter fan, if I could give it more than 5 stars I would, and the guide really knows their stuff.
Loved it!
By Joan on May 1, 2010
I loved Lacock, beautiful little village!
Really enjoyable
By Donald on May 1, 2010
Really enjoyed the day, excellent chauffeur driven service, good knowledge of Harry Potter and the locations used in the films, enjoyed it thoroughly, thank you!

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