Hollywood Ghost Walk

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  • Duration

    - 2 hours (approx)
  • Hollywood

  • Capacity

    - 35 persons per guide
  • Dress

    - It's a walking tour, so dress comfortably!
  • Departs

    Saturdays @ 7pm
  • Meeting Location

    Outside the Hotel Roosevelt, 7000 Hollywood Blvd
  • Final Destination

    Pantages Theater, 6233 Hollywood Blvd


Hollywood Ghost Walk

In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living. Descriptions of the apparition of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, life-like visions. The belief in manifestations of the spirits of the dead is widespread, dating back to animism or ancestor worship in pre-literate cultures. Certain religious practices—funeral rites, exorcisms, and some practices of spiritualism and ritual magic—are specifically designed to appease the spirits of the dead. Ghosts are generally described as solitary essences that haunt particular locations, objects, or people they were associated with in life, though stories of the phantom armies, ghost trains, phantom ships, and even ghost animals have also been recounted. As one of the great urban centres of the modern world, Los Angeles has one of the densest concentrations of paranormal phenomena, and this spooky walking tour brings the sometimes terrifying otherworldliness of this great city to life, or should we say death.....m...mwa...mwah....mwahhahahahahah!


  • Magic Castle Most known for their seance room, the owner also gets compliments for a very friendly bartender who still works there, despite having died decades ago. . .
  • Hollywood Sign Years ago, a woman lept to her death off the iconic Hollywood sign. She's been seen from time to time roaming about the hills. . .
  • Black Dahlia Visit landmark locations from Hollywood's most famous unsolved murder, and see if you can crack the case. . .
  • Movie PalacesHollywood Boulevard is home to America' most iconic movie palaces, each playing host to their own spirits from the golden age of cinema.
  • Ghosts at the Bank Vault The First National Bank was once the tallest building in Hollywood, but it's what's underneath it that will give you chills. . .
  • Musso & Frank'sHollywood's most talked about speakeasy. Now that Prohibition is over, the ghosts are free to be themselves again. They've been known to say hello.
  • There are many more ghouls and ghost stories in store on this spine chilling tour!

Landmarks and Attractions

  • Chinese Theater
  • Hollywood and Highland
  • Hollywood Blvd
  • The El Capitan
  • Pantages Theater

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By Jillian W on February 19, 2017
By Lianna S on February 19, 2017
excellent tour!
By Blanca R on February 26, 2017
Gary was awesome. Very interesting tour. Even my two 16 year olds liked it.
By Amy H on February 26, 2017