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Sex And The City Tour

Sex And The City Tour

Product Review (submitted on January 14, 2011):
I booked the Sex and the City walking tour for my sister who's visiting from out of town and loves the show. (She's a Charlotte, apparently.) I've never particularly been interested in it, but figured I could deal with hearing about it for an hour and a half.

Our tour guide (Melissa, I think) was fantastic. She was so into the show and knew so many details that I found myself actually caring. Then - and I really didn't expect this - in between the show's landmarks, she pointed out historical landmarks and facts that I never knew about. Despite having lived in New York for 10+ years, I had never been to the High Line and knew nothing about its past. The way she went back and forth between talking about the show and New York's history was brilliant and made the time fly by.

My only criticism is that our tour started at 6pm - half an hour later it was too dark to take decent pictures. If you go, book an earlier tour!

When we got home, we watched a few episodes. (My sis brought her DVDs.) I totally recognized the cupcake store we stopped at on the tour while watching! While I still hate Sarah Jessica Parker, the rest of the girls are okay. lol. So thank you, Melissa (or was it Michelle?) for giving me something to talk to my sister about.