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50% off! Harry Potter Walking Tour London

50% off! Harry Potter Walking Tour London

Product Review (submitted on March 21, 2012):
Me and My friend had a couple of days on london, and the Harry potter tour was a total highlight of the whole trip!

It was ran by a brilliant tour guide, Becky. From the word go, she was personable and was great at organizing everyone (there was far too many people booked up, but she handled it well - maybe not so many at a time???) and off we went on our tour! We visited some of the actual places in London where they had filmed the ministry of magic, the leaky cauldron and the inspiration for Diagon Alley.

The best part of the tour was the boat ride, down the Thames, like in Deathly Hallows (pt1) where the dementors fly down the river, by millennium bridge! It was such a lovely day, and the boat ride was gorgeous. After that we got off further down the river, and walked for a while. There was a lot of getting on off tubes and walking, so anyone who is physically not able to handle that, this might not be the tour for you. Another highlight was platform 9 3/4 at kings cross. When I went, they were doing a lot of renovation work, but had luckily put a temporary platform 9 3/4 round the side of the station, for such a great photo opportunity!

All in all, the tour was great. It involved a lot of walking, but if your up for an adventure I'd thoroughly reccomend it. Again, Becky was brilliant - but If i had one thing to say it is that the company need to give her better reference materials, like when we were standing outside the leaky cauldron, she had picture to reference it, but it was all dog eared and handled - little details (like laminting that picture for the tour guides) that cost nothing make the whole experience better!

Visited September 2011

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