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London Ghost Walk of Mayfair

London Ghost Walk of Mayfair

Product Review (submitted on February 1, 2014):
I really enjoyed this evening's ghost tour of London with our knowledgeable guide Joe. He was good fun and told me things about the history of London and some of its many characters that I did not know despite being a Londoner myself. His stories were amusing, gory and entertaining. I found them pretty fascinating and he clearly has a love for the subjects that he discussed. He has certainly inspired me to do some more research on the stories that he covered. You do not have to be a believer in ghosts or the supernatural to enjoy this tour as from a historic point of view it is very interesting.

I do though have a couple of minor niggles and recommendations that did not detract from the tour but I feel would enhance it. The first is that during the ferry journey there was no interaction with Joe. I think if we all sat close together, the boat only had three other passengers apart from our tour group, our guide could tell us about some of histories and stories of the buildings we pass.

However, here is my main niggle though it is one that can easily be rectified. At one point I did what tourists often do and filmed a bit of video footage on my mobile phone. As we were walking our guide came up to me and said discreetly and politely "Can I please ask that you do not take any video footage in future". None of this was for commercial use and I certainly had no intention of filming the whole tour. Just bits and pieces. I also noticed that I had not been the only person filming video footage.

It has never been an issue in the past on outdoor walking tours that I have been on as when filming has not been allowed it has always been made clear by the guide at the beginning and on the website that filming is not permitted so I would suggest that your website makes this clear as does your guide at the start of the tour to avoid any confusion, misunderstanding or potential embarrassment.

Apart from those minor niggles I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and our guide did an excellent job. I will not hesitate to recommend it. Thanks for a fun, informative and enjoyable evening.

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