Gangster Tour of New York

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  • Duration

    - 90 minutes (approx.)
  • Little Italy

  • Capacity

    - 40 persons per guide
  • Dress

    - It's a walking tour, so dress comfortably!
  • Departs

    Saturdays @ 2pm
  • Meeting Location

    Petrosino Square @ Cleveland Place (Lafayette and Kenmare)
  • Final Destination

    Outside New York County Courthouse, 60 Centre St


The Gangster Walking Tour of New York

Immerse yourself in the culture of one of New York's most colorful neighborhoods, Little Italy, learn the comprehensive history of the Mafia as we recount gangster tales of the underworld, from the Five Points to John Gotti, The Gangster Tour of New York has it all. Hear the stories behind the historic landmarks that evoke the bloody feud between New York's famed five families. Visit film locations from cinema's most iconic gangster films, including The Godfather, Goodfellas, Mean Streets, and many more!

    Gangster Tour Itinerary

    • Petrosino Square The park named after NYC's first Italian detective, who locked up more than 500 criminals
    • Old St Patrick's Cathedral NYC's oldest Catholic church, featured in Mean Streets and the Godfather Trilogy
    • John Gotti See the site of his social club and favorite Little Italy hangouts
    • Curb Exchange The Bootlegging depot of NYC in the Prohibition Era, boy are there some stories to tell!
    • Umberto's The site of Little Italy's most infamous mob shooting
    • Mulberry St Bar Grab a drink at this Little Italy staple, Donnie Brasco and The Soprano's all did
    • The Godfather Bring an orange and renact one of cinema's most iconic scenes where it happened
    • Cha Cha's The unofficial mayor of Little Italy works the counter when he's not an extra on literally every gangster movie ever made
    • The New York County Courthouse Where Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta in Goodfellas, testified against the mob
    • There are many more hidden mafia stories and secrets in store on this cultural dive into Little Italy.


    Customer Reviews

    Gangster Tour a target hit!
    By P-Dog Bensonhurst on December 15, 2016
    I never knew and never expect what fun I had on this tour. Coming from Brooklyn with my in laws from Ohio (who think that heated catsup on noodles is okay,) finally saw the light and where the bodies are hidden on this tour. The facts from the park honoring a Italian hero cop to Mott street the heart of the Godfather himself, we laughed and learned more than my Nanna would tell on Christmas Eve. BASTA! WHAT A FUN TOUR ! Take this tour an offer you can't refuse! CANNOLIS FOR EVERY ONE!
    By BFF on June 27, 2016
    We took this tour on Saturday. So interesting.As a native New Yorker it amazes me that I have walked by these sights many times and never even knew the history.Our guide,Kyle, was EXCELLENT. Charming and knowledgeable and stopped to talk in shaded areas so we weren't so uncomfortable on a very hot day. I hope we get him again n our next tour.
    Mafia Tour with Kyle
    By WinterWhite13 on September 24, 2015
    We went on the NY Mafia Tour with Kyle. He's a very knowledgeable guide and we had a wonderful time.
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    By Anthony on August 7, 2013
    That was very cool, getting a tour of your gadren. Sorry it's in such a depressing state. It's been raining here for days as well probably a week or so actually, but the rain has been very light, so I don't think we've gotten nearly as much as you have. With all the terrible flooding in neighboring states we still have much to be thankful for though.
    By Gabriel on April 13, 2013
    ඕක පටන් අරන් තියෙන්නෙ මෙහෙමයි..In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (1392), the Nun's Priest's Tale is set Syn March bigan thritty dayes and two. Chaucer lrbaobpy meant 32 days after March, i.e. May 2, the anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia, which took place in 1381. However, readers apparently misunderstood this line to mean March 32, i.e April 1. In Chaucer's tale, the vain cock Chauntecler is tricked by a fox.In 1508, a French poet referred to a poisson d’avril (April fool, literally April fish ), a possible reference to the holiday. In 1539, Flemish poet Eduard de Dene wrote of a nobleman who sent his servants on foolish errands on April 1. In 1686, John Aubrey referred to the holiday as Fooles holy day , the first British reference. On April 1, 1698, several people were tricked into going to the Tower of London to see the Lions washed. The name April Fools echoes that of the Feast of Fools, a Medieval holiday held on December 28.In the Middle Ages, New Year's Day was celebrated on March 25 in most European towns. In some areas of France, New Year's was a week-long holiday ending on April 1. So it is possible that April Fools originated because those who celebrated on January 1 made fun of those who celebrated on other dates. The use of January 1 as New Year's Day was common in France by the mid-sixteenth century, and this date was adopted officially in 1564 by the Edict of Roussillon.In the eighteenth century the festival was often posited as going back to the time of Noah. According to an English newspaper article published in 1789, the day had its origin when Noah sent his dove off too early, before the waters had receded; he did this on the first day of the Hebrew month that corresponds with April.ඔය මගුල ලංකාවට ගැලපෙනවද නම් මම දන්නෙ නෑ. ඒ උනාට ඔය දවස මහ කරදර දවසක්.මේ අවුරුද්දෙ නම් කවුරුත් මාව රවට්ටන්න ආවෙ නෑ. ඒ උනාට ඔය දවසට කාටවත් ආරංචියක් කියන්නත් බෑ. පලයන් යන්න බොරු කියන් නැතුව කියනවා. අන්තිමට දිවුරන්නත් වෙනව ඒක ඇත්තක් කියල ඔප්පු කරන්න. ඇත්තක් කිව්වත් කවුරුවත් විශ්වාස කරන්නෙ නෑ. අපේ ගමේ ඉස්සර මලගෙයක් වෙලා තියෙනව අප්‍රියෙල් 1 වෙනිද දවසක, අන්තිමට මල ගේ ඇහැට දැක්ක ගමේ මිනිස්සු විතරයි ඇවිල්ල තියෙන්නෙ මල ගෙදර. ඇයි පනිවිඩේ කියන කවුරුවත් විශ්වාස කරල නෑ. බොරුවක් කියල හිතල තියෙන්නෙ. ඔය වගේ බහුබූත දවස් තව තියෙනවනෙ.. වැලන්ටයින්, හැලොවීන් වගේ. ඕව ඉතින් නවත්වන්න බෑ. අනුගත වෙනව මිසක්. 0 likes
    Bring your best suit!
    By Alcaponee on April 13, 2011
    Amazing way to see NYC, recommend!

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